Lee Co. Fiscal Court held their regular monthly meeting for June 2020 at Happy Top Community Center at 6pm where the meeting was live streamed to Facebook for the public to view. Due to poor sound quality on the livestream, the following information was given along with the agenda of said meeting. 

   Approve full time status for the following: Herbert Wilson, Dana Jumper and William Thacker. Probation periods were completed as of June 1 2020. 

    Approve agreement between Lee Co. Fiscal Court and AOC for elevator repair rembursement. Repairs to be completed by Otis Elevator Co. in the amount of $25,938.73.

 AOC will reimburse $17,171.94 with the county responsible for paying the remaining balance of $8,766.79. 

   Approve resolution of COVID CARES fund reimbursement. 

  Approve the rehiring of current fiscal court employees. 

        It was also noted that there will be a special meeting on June 25th to discuss the 2020 budget at Happy Top’s picnic shelter. This meeting will be open to the public for attendance. According to Caudill, the budget is estimated to be approximately $6,000,000.


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