Eighth-grader Cayley Land competed in the Middle School State Track Meet on Saturday, May 25.  The meet was held at the University of Louisville's Cardinal Track & Soccer Arena.  In order to qualify for the meet, Cayley needed to throw a very difficult minimum of 65' 0" in the discus earlier in the season.  Cayley exceeded that by three-and-a-half feet with a whopping 68' 7" at the Magoffin County All-Comers this past April 18th to qualify for the state meet.  Conditions at the state meet on Saturday were difficult.  Not only was the weather scorching hot, but at the middle school level, athletes must compete against all classes of schools.  The luxury at high school level is that there are three classes of competition based on the size of school.  Since Lee County is a smaller school, they only have to compete against schools of similar size in the state at the high school level.  However, at the middle school level it is not so.  It says a lot for Cayley Land to take 33rd in the state against all classes of competitors, many of which are from large, prominent middle schools in the Louisville, Lexington, and the Northern Kentucky area!  Cayley enjoyed the experience and plans to start training for her high school throwing career.  A huge congratulations
The high school track team competed at the Class 6A Regional Track Meet at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, KY on Thursday, the 23rd.  Kentucky schools break up their teams into seven different regions at the high school level.  This was an important race because all teams in our Region were invited to be represented at the meet. Several of Lee County's athletes did very well at the competition.  Most notably, Lee County had some eighth graders who competed very well at the high-school level.  The track team was saddened by senior Skylar Campbell's last race as a Bobcat.  Skylar Campbell joined the team in 2017 and has specialized in difficult long-distance races such as the mile and the 800m run.  He also ran on the 4x800m relay.  The track team will miss his great, hard-working example during practice and his shoes will be hard to fill.  That's not just his running shoes, either!  Here are some results from the meet: 
  • Tenth-grader X'Avion Thompson took 4th in the Region in the Triple Jump with a jump of 36' 7.25".  He also took 8th in the Long Jump with a jump of 17' 8.25" and 10th in the 100m dash with a time of 12.66 seconds.  
  • Eighth-grader Cayley Land took 8th in the Region in the Discus with a throw of 65' 8".  
  • Tenth-grader Brandon Caudill took 9th in the Discus with a throw of 89' 3".  
  • Eighth-grader Ethan Shuler took 10th in the mile run with a time of 5:35.35.  

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