Thank You!

In Lee County, we love our First Responders. They are the best of the best, our heroes, but I want to mention some others that have never stopped during these snow storms to help Lee County too.

I want to thank Newnam Funeral Home. There have been several deaths during this snow storm, and you have not skipped a beat in helping those that have lost a loved one during this severe weather.

I want to thank the tow truck companies. I know you have been at First Responders beck and call during this storm.

I want to thank those grocery stores workers at Jack's IGA and Save-A-Lot along with the gas station workers, and our local officials. They have not stopped working during this time to make sure Lee County is cared for even in the most difficult of times.

And lastly, I want to thank my staff at my Beattyville and Booneville offices for working hard to get the papers out this week, and also, a special shout out to our dear friend Doug Brandenburg for helping us with paper deliveries during our time of need. I know there are many more I am missing to thank and I am sorry, but once again, I say, thank you!

- Jessica L Butler, GM-Editor

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