The Democrat party claims to be the party of diversity so they and the media and Hollywood got a mixed race president, one they insist is black, African American, elected and then attempted to get a woman(?) elected but failed miserably.

Now they are putting up another big slate of possible candidates and low and behold, they have apparently abandoned the failed diversity ploy.

Yeah! The two front runners are none other than a couple of previous losers and very old white men!  There’s Joe Maybe I-Didn’t -Really-Mean-To-Say-That Biden and the darling of the ignorant, self absorbed, lazy, non contributing socialists, Bernie Let-The-State-Provide-For-You Sanders. 

These two men have the backing of more than half of all Democrats. Add in the other two white guys in the race for nomination and collectively they have over 60%.

But wait! There’s more. There are some nonwhite not so old people also in the running. Well, that’s a very liberal way of saying there are some token minority window dressing people in the ring.

Only about 20% of Dems are behind one of the five women; maybe 10% for the single black man. The lone Hispanic and the American of Asian descent have approximately one percent each. Now that’s diversity.

Okay, maybe not diversity as you and I would see it, but in liberal speak it is enough so they can claim diversity.

Bernie has a lot of uninformed, lazy voters in his pocket. Very much like those who voted twice for Obama; people who want the government to handle all of life’s inconveniences. Things like earning a living, paying taxes, contributing to their world. You know,  petty little things.

However, they will never be enough, thank God, to carry an election.

But what Bernie will do is siphon lots of votes away from the other Democrat candidates. I think that’s a good thing cause I and any person with a grip on reality and the sense God gave a goose want to Make America Great Again and keep our capitalist economy, unique American lifestyle and, most of all, guaranteed  personal freedom, security with limited government control working like it has for more than two centuries.

But talk about hypocrisy squared, maybe cubed, let’s look at some of those oh so smart people out there in. La La land. I’m talking about those who can only earn a living by pretending to be someone else. Those collective know it alls out in the land of fruits and nuts Califirnicatia.

They are yapping about something that hasn’t even happened yet  and is a couple of thousand miles  from where they live and millions of miles from their version of reality—Georgia.

Georgia, with the support of its citizens, is considering impose what is called a “heartbeat bill” that would protect the lives of unborn children after six weeks of pregnancy from being killed in the womb.

Net Flix is warning that it might stop any filming in Georgia if the law in enacted. This from a company that is filming in two countries, Egypt and Jordan, where most abortions are illegal and others strictly regulated. 

Then another political expert whose credentials include a PhD from.. No? Okay a masters in humanities from... No? Okay surely a BA from somewhere maybe Cockney, England? No again? Okay she did go to high school, right? Hmmm. Well someone who has appeared in science and historical fiction movies and shows certainly has a firm grip on important real topics.

By the way, she is known for her role in Game of Thrones. That’s a show filmed in Northern Ireland. You know, that wee green country where abortions are illegal.

Must be that the pay is enough to swallow ones convictions, but what do I know?

I try not to get too involved in reading liberal BS which is another name for most of the media and especially op/ed writers. It seems the Donald is so entrancing, those people can think of nothing else. If he were to resign right now, their columns would be blank. Much like the Democrat’s ideas for American prosperity paper.

And let’s speak of Trump: after all he’s very popular almost everywhere there is an intelligent, patriotic person that can actually have a sane and lucid thought. And is a working, wage earning, tax paying, English speaking American citizen.

Right now the left is talking out all sides of their collective mouths. Like talking about how Trump is locking up illegal aliens in a detainment center at Ft. Sill. They are comparing that to a prison. However, there is no mention that Democrat president, F. D. Roosevelt,  first used Ft Sill to hold Japanese-AMERICANS in what he euphemistically called ‘interment camps” during WW II. Then former president Barack Hussein Obama had thousands of illegal aliens held there. But again, the Dems and their leftist sycophants fail to mention those transgressions when jumping all over Trump. 

On top of that, the left is always railing on about the number of illegals Trump has had deported.

Well, let’s look at that. The Trump administration has deported a lot, 282,242, illegals through May of this year. I admit,  that is a bunch, but is it even enough? 

Okay, it seems that previous prez, B.H. Obama, didn’t think so. In 2012 his administration deported about 410,000 illegals! Hmmm. 

That big of a loss of votes especially if they get around requirements that only citizens can vote, is gonna be a big loss to those several socialists lining up to make a desperate and vain run against Trump.  That hands-out, take care of me demographic is maybe the left’s core constituency group.  Remember, these are the people who went from being against foreign interference in our elections to allowing non-citizens to vote in our elections.

Oh yeah, just one more thing… Let us leave ‘em laughin’. 

Bernie Sanders walks into a bar and yells... “Free drinks for everyone!”

looks around and says, “Who's buying?” 

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