Detainees/Charges: NP= mugshot unavailable. Adams, Chinia NP- court hold. Arnold, Johnny David NP- no show. Bishop, Timmy NP- court fines. Bowling, Daniel NP- no show, evading police on foot. Brooks, Abigail C- speeding, disregard stop sign, fleeing police, DUI, paraphernalia, possession drugs, no insurance, receive stolen goods. Brooks, Anthony B- p.i. Brooks, Petina- DUI. Bullard, Carlton NP- court fines. Caudill, David NP- weekender. Collins, James- receive stolen goods. Combs, Derrick NP- no show. Cockright, Jerry NP- no show. Case, Mary- p.i. Denniston, James NP- no show. Dickey, Tamekia- assault. Edmonson, Wendy- possession heroin. Gabbard, Brandon - distribution of sexually explicit images for profit w/out consent. Gilbert, Matthew NP- state. Gordon, Jeremy NP- court fines. Grass, Dylan- DUI, no insurance /registration. Gumm, Nikki- menacing, p.i., resist arrest. Hacker, Joshua- possess defaced firearm. Hall, Lecrisha- obstructing highway, DUI, no license, no insurance card. Harvey, Dakota- unlawful transaction with minor/child involving a controlled substance drug, trafficking meth. Hendon, Sasha NP- violate probation. Hetmansperger, Natalie NP- violate probation. Hobbs, Tabatha NP- 60 days. Johnson, Jennifer- DUI, no insurance card. Jones, Diana NP- trespass. Marshall, Russell NP- no show. Mayabb, Amy- possession meth. Mcintosh, Adam NP- A.I. Mcintosh, Emmett NP- state. Mcintosh, Roy NP- no show. Mclemore, Larry NP- court fines. Oney, Michael NP- Wolfe court. Parsons, Brian NP- court fines. Phillips, Edna- P.I. Pryor, Jennifer- felon with firearm. Reed, Derek NP- weekender. Roberts, Matthew- DUI, no insurance. Sizemore, Christopher NP- no show. Smith, Hawey- Trafficking meth. Smith, Julie NP- no show. Tonya, Stamper NP- court fines. Tibbs, Clifford NP- no show. Trippett, Paul NP- court fines. Watson, Wanda NP- court fines. Watts, Betty NP- no show. Woorley, Andrew - trafficking meth.

The Beattyville Enterprise uses all available mugshots w/ permission of Three Forks Regional Jail. No mugshots un-used by requests. No exceptions! All 

detainess innocent until proven guilty.

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