The Beattyville Enterprise uses all available mugshots w/ permission of Three Forks 

Regional Jail. 

No mugshots un-used by requests. 

No exceptions! 

All detainess innocent until proven guilty. 

Arrests/Charges/Mugshots= Public Record.


David Childers- speeding, possession meth, DUI, fleeing police, felon with handgun, possession defaced firearm. 

Robert Bishop- contempt court.

 Robert Mcintosh- contempt court.

 Randell Mcintosh- trespass, P.I. 

Terry Sanders- trafficking meth, possession. 

Eric Raider- no show

Isaiah Harvey- arson

Isaiah Hall- theft, fleeing police on foot

Ashley Johnson- theft

Ralph McConnell- DUI, no insurance

Douglas Harrison- theft

Chancy Silcox- warrant

Larry Hall- domestic assault 3rd offense within 5 yrs. 

Dakota Baker- theft

Justin Spencer- felon with firearm 

James Adams- DUI, psoessopn, trafficking heroin, felon with handgun

Chris Begley- warrant

Daniel Bowling- A.I.

Kathy Carter- theft

Timothy Charlton- A.I.

Kenny Dale Clark- trafficking meth

April Clemons- weekender

Camille Congleton- possession meth, opiates, P.I.

Travis Cooper- theft

James Covey- assault

‘Paul Crabtree- possession

Kenneth Estes- possession

James Franks- weekender

Shannon Goosey- possession meth

Zachary Gross- A.I.

Jeff Harrison- trafficking meth

Jerry Hensley Jr- contempt court

Melissa Isaacs- theft by cold checks, criminal forged identity/signature

Vanessa Jones- possession meth

Destiny Autumn Long- behind/unpaid support payments

Jessica Osborne- P.I.

James Powell- trafficking drugs

Ryan Ross- no show

Johnny Shuler- no show

Charles Southers- weekender

Jonathan Tincher- unpaid support payments

Jason Vires- trespass

Angel Webb- no show

Dusty Don Young- DUI, possession, no insurance

Melissa Yunt- trespass

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