James Sipple- trafficking drugs within 1000ft of a school. Marvin Adkins- weekender. Sarah Andrews- P.I., possession meth. Luther Baker- P.I. Matthew Banks- no show, DUI suspended license. Jeremy Berdonaro- no show. Joseph Barrett- P.I. Justin Campbell- theft. Samuel Campbell- violate prob. April Clemons- commitment. Brandi Clemons- DUI, paraphernalia. James Coffey- possession meth. Billy Combs- speeding, reckless driving, fleeing police, possession meth. Sarah Combs- dis conduct, threatening. Camille Congleton- falsely reporting accident, dis conduct, wanton endangerment, menacing. Michelle Renee Coomer- credit card fraud. Amanda Cox- trafficking meth. Steve Cox- possession meth. Christopher Crank- threatening. Jacob Darbyshire- possession drugs, possession stolen items. Carolyn Deaton- DUI, giving officer false info. Glenn Dejoure- contempt court. Steven Ferguson- A.I. David Flynn- warrant. James Franks- unlisted. Chris Fugate- threatening. Nicole Gouge- A.I. Jason Gray- no show. Jeffrey Hardy- possession heroin. Dakota Harvey- warrant. Martin Hobbs- commitment. Taylor Humphries- paraphernalia, possession drugs. Marcum Johnson- no show. Carlie Jones- trespass. Timothy Mcintosh- theft. Tommy Mcintosh- no insurance, no license. Jacob Melton- DUI, no insurance. Rex Mosely- menacing. Austin Noble- no instance, fleeing police. Christopher Noble- commitment. Roscoe Noble- domestic assault. Kenneva Parks- court fines. Angela Nicole Philbeck- possession stolen items. Thomas Reed- DUI suspended license. Daniel Riddell- theft. Leonard W Roberts- warrant. Jeffrey Rose- possession meth. Brooklyn Simmons- DUI. James Sipple- trafficking drugs within 1000ft of a school. Mika R Smith- theft. Shannon Smith- theft. Monty Steelman- no show. Tommy Swift- no show. Jeffrey Terry- no show. Richard Anthony Terry- DUI, speeding, suspended license, no insurance. Cory Tippie- DUI. James Tipton- P.I. Glenn Turner- threatening, DUI, court fines, fleeing police, suspended license, no insurance.

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