William Abner- fail to comply w/ sex offender registration

William Banks- contempt court

Daniel Brezeale- resist arrest, paraphernalia

Tisha Burchett- hinder prosecution

Danny Chambers- assault, fail to render aide

Lelia Colwell- no show

William Flynn- no insurance, no license

Brandon Gillum- behind/unpaid support

George Green- no show

Bradley Hampton- DUI

Levi Hollon- contempt court

French Howard- trafficking meth, opiates

Lindsey Jones- fleeing scene of accident, permit/unlicensed driver, endangering the welfare of a child, DUI, no license, false report of accident, rape 3rd degree, sodomy 3rd degree, possession of drugs. 

Carolyn E Mccauley- possession drugs

Adam Mcintosh- menacing, A.I., disorderly conduct, resist arrest. 

Isaac Miller- trafficking meth

James Neace- P.I., trespass

Kyle Oakes- assault, trespass

Teresa Powell- retaliating against participant in legal process

Thomas Reed- P.I.

Curtis Scott- A.I.

Johnny Shuler- possession meth

Joshua Spencer- DUI

Dale Wilder- trafficking meth

Marshall Willoughby- possession drugs

Jessica Wolfenbarger- violate parole


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