Three Forks Regional Jail Report

Aaron Cantrell- violate parole

Amanda Mcintosh- theft, possession stolen items

Amber Street- violate parole

Cody Begley- trespass, fleeing police on foot, dis. Conduct, resist arrest

David Arajs- theft

David Smith- no show

Donnie Fields- harassment, dis. Conduct

Jarrett Masters- violate parole

 Jeffrey Terry- no show

Jeffrey White- theft

 Jerry Richardson- trafficking drugs

Michael Miller- DUI, no insurance

 Scottie Collett- no show

Thomas Gillum Jr- sexual abuse 1st degree



Mikal Adams- disregard stop sign, DUI, no license, no registration, improper equipment. 

Jason Banks- P.I., possession drugs

Eric Brewer- no show

Robin Brulport- court fines

Cody Campbell- wanton endanger. 

Kimberly Campbell- no show

Caleb Cole- no show

Wendy Cox- theft by cold checks

Christopher Crowe- 5 day order

Stanley Durbin Jr- A.I.

Jesse Hardy- court fines

Brian Henry- no insurance, suspended license

Sandra Hensley- weekender

Kimberly Howard- DUI, expired license, possession heroin

Cassandra Mcintosh- DUI

Oliver Roberts- trespass, menacing

Brian Samples- possession drugs

Rhonda Smith- possession meth, P.I.

Bobby Terrill- unauthorized parking in handicap zone, DUI, no license

The Beattyville Enterprise uses all available mugshots w/ permission of Three Forks Regional Jail. No mugshots un-used by requests.  No exceptions! All detainess innocent until proven guilty. Arrests/Charges/Mugshots/Court Dockets= Public Record.



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