Unavailable Photos: 

Vanessa Jones 44 of Irvine- court fines. 12/21/21

Benjamin Harrison 34 of Jackson- DUI. 12/22/21

Brian Trent 33 of Stanton- stalking, trespassing, intimidating legal participant. 12/22/21

Ashley Plowman 26 of Irvine- contempt court. 12/22/21

Trenton Hall 24 of Irvine- possession drugs. 12/22/21

Robert Edwards 50 of Winchester. Theft 12/23/21

Christopher Olinger 36 of Hazard- contempt court. 12/23/21

Rachel Kilburn 38 of Campton- no show. 12/24/21

Christian Martin 21 of Richmond- wanton endangerment, discharge firearm across public rd, A.I. 12/26/21

Amber Hollan 31- violate release. 12/26/21 

Anthony Tolson 43- warrant 12/26/21

Thomas Raider 33 of Irvine- burglary. 12/27/21.

All detainees innocent until proven guilty. All photos used w/ permission of Three Forks Regional Jail of Beattyville. No photos un used by request- 


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