No photos for 


Michael Bailey 9/11- use of radio device for police messaging 

William Banks 9/11- unlisted

Ethan Bush 9/11- no license

Bert Caudill 9/11- court fines

Jean Cole 9/11- no show

Billy Crawford 9/11- court fines

Jonathan Harrison 9/7- no show. Irvine PD 

Randall Harrison 9/10- no show

Jerry Hayes 9/7- violate EPO

Johnny Johnson Jr- court fines

Amanda Mcollister- 9/6 no show

Cindy Mullins 9/11- violate probation

Robert Wayne Neeeley 9/11- P.I.

Thomas Pryor 9/6 DUI

Charles Roberts 9/6- no show

Stella Sizemore 9/9- possessione stolen items over $10k

James Tipton 9/7- possession meth

Becky Todd- 9/9 no show 

Beattyville Ent. uses all available photos w/ permission of Three Forks 

Regional Jail. No photos unused by request- NO EXCEPTIONS!! All detainees innocent until proven guilty. 


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