Beattyville Ent. uses mugshots w/ permission of Three Forks Regional Jail. No mugshots un-used by request- NO EXCEPTIONS! All detainees innocent until proven guilty. 

 No mugshots for the following: 

Debvue Abner- violate release. 10/8/21

Virginia Adkins- orders. 10/4/21

Sythia Allen- unlisted. 10/9/21

Ricky D Ashley- state. 10/7/21

Johnathan Barrett- court fines. 10/5/21

Ethan Bush- no show. 10/8/21

Justin C Campbell- violate release. 10/7/21

Christopher Combs- no show. 10/4/21

Katelynn Couch- no show. 10/7/21

James Everage- state. 10/7/21

Christina Fox- no show. 10/4/21

Eric Haddix- violate release. 10/7/21

Dylan Hounshul- orders. 10/4/21

Derrick Jenkins- no show. 10/8/21

Jeffrey Johnson- warrant. 10/6/21

Renee Kielion- trespass. 10/6/21

Gary Lamb- no show. 10/8/21

Jesse Marshall- violate EPO. 10/4/21

Steven Morris- state. 10/7/21

Leia Murrell- court fines. 10/4/21

Roy Nealy- 10/4/21. No show

Jordan Noe- 10/6/21. No show

Edna Phillips- 10/8/21. Contempt court.

Bonita Reed- court fines. 10/4/21 

Thomas Reeves- 10/5/21. State

Joshua Schindler- no show. 10/8/21

Randall Selvage- state. 10/4/21

Crystal Slone- 10/6/21. No show

Ernest Stamper- no show. 10/5/21

Byron Within- 10/7/21. No show

Tiffany Whisman- 10/4/21 orders. 

Jeffrey White- P.I. 10/6/21 


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