No mugshots for the following:

David Arajs 7/5- trespass, fishing w/out license, improper floatation device

Raymond Baker 7/7- no show

Dustin Banks 7/6- DUI

Penny Brewer 7/8- violate release

Ethan Bush 7/9- weekend order

Kristen Clark 7/7- trespass, menacing

Jesse Cline 7/10- no show

Chasity Brooke Combs 7/8- no show

Jessica Douglas 7/7- possession meth

Jeff Farrow 7/8- state

Jessie Fugate 7/6- P.I.

Justin Gerber 7/9- no show

Brandon Gillum 7/8- criminal mischeif

Wendell Goodman 7/9- violate release

Douglas Harrison 7/8- no show

Joshua Hartzel 7/8- state

Ryan Hay 7/9- DUI, open alcohol in vehicle

Courtney Hays 7/7- possession stolen items

Jeffrey Johnson 7/10- unlisted

Joshua Johnson 7/8- state

Lillian Jones 7/6- no show

Hanley Kyle Little 7/8- violate release

Katlin Lockard 7/9- no show 

Timothy Mayes 7/7- no show

Josiah Moses 7/8- no show

Barry Patton 7/8- state

Christopher Poe 7/6- DUI

Shannon Poe 7/6- P.I., possession heroin

Joseph Puckett 7/8- state

Cameron Richardson 7/6- burglary, endangering the welfare of a child

Rose Heather 7/10- no show

David Stacey 7/8- no show

Melissa G Stepp 7/6- P.I., indecent exposure

Mark Worrell 7/9- warrant 

All detainees innocent until proven guilty. Mugshots used w/ permission of Three Forks Jail. No mushots unused by requests-


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