Three Forks Regional Jail Report - August 26, 2020

Chester Combs- DUI, criminal abuse of a child under age 12. Anthony Arvin- no show. Cody Begley- trespass. Billy Belcher- court fines. James Scott Brandenburg- possession of stolen items. Isaiah Campbell- DUI, possession. Samantha Campbell- manufacturing meth, possession, trafficking drugs, theft of identity. Bert Caudill- felon with handgun. Chester Combs- DUI, criminal abuse of a child under age 12. Jason Crabtree- trafficking meth. Billy Crawford- no show. Johnathan Davis- no show. Brandon Evans- no show. William Floyd- DUI. Samantha Gayheart- P.I., possession. Skye Greene- no show. Billy Hays- court fines. Gwendolyn Herald- contempt court. Misty Hicks- theft. William Johnson- DUI, no insurance, criminal littering paraphernalia. Johnny Marshall- warrant. Isaac Miller- trafficking  meth, trafficking cocaine. James Neace- threatening. Kenneth Neace- court fines. Kristin Neal- P.I. Eugene Noble- P.I., fleeing police. Margie Osborne- DUI, reckless driving. Jason Pennington- court fines. Kevan Richardson- no show. Laura Sizemore- DUI, no insurance. Sheila K Smiddy- trespass, possession meth, P.I., Aaron Smith- no show. Natasha Smith- theft. Samantha Smith- paraphernalia, DUI, possession. Jon Southern- theft. Crystal Southwood- trafficking heroin, DUI, possession. Bradford Thomas- no insurance, giving officer false info. Benjamin Tipton- A.I. Cody Wagers- burglary, assault. Justin Watts- trafficking heroin, possession. April Whisman- P.I. Logan T Young- possession of stolen items.


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