Theresa Bishop- 12/31 weekender

John Clark- 1/1 DUI 

Wesley Edmonson 45 of Irvine- 12/31/21 theft of bicycles, trespassing

William Flynn 30 of Irvine- DUI, P.I., resist arrest

Billy Gilbert- 12/31 DUI non motor vehicle, no bicycle lights 

Penny Goosey- 12/28 no show 

Shannon Goosey 43 of Irvine 12/30- no show 

Courtney Hays- 12/31 no insurance card, suspended license

Christopher Mays 41 of Stanton- warrant. KSP

Christopher Means 35 of Irvine- warrant. 

Jeffrey Perry 27 of Campton- 12/28 contempt court. 

Thomas Raider 33 of Irvine- burglary 12/27/31

Kevin Rose- 1/11 weekender

Daniel Ross 34 of Hazel Green- DUI 12/29. KSP

Clarence Stamper 12/29- court fines

Christopher Stone- 12/30 possession meth

Anthony Taulbee- DUI, careless driving. 12/29 

Melissa Trent 48- 12/28 possession meth, identity theft, forgery, endangering the welfare of a child. 

Burl Watkins- 12/29 assault

All detainees innocent until proven guilty. All photos used w/ permission of Three Forks Regional Jail of Beattyville. No photos un used by request- 


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