Three Forks Regional Jail Report

No mugshots for following:

Darren Baker- 7/17 P.I. 

Jesse Banks- 7/16 theft

Johnathan Barrett- 7/17 DUI

Carl Bowser- 7/15 no show

Jessica Lynn Brewer- 7/16 P.I.

Garry Brown- 7/13 assault

Laurie Bryant- 7/15 violate release 

Ethan Bush- 7/16 weekender

Dylan Collett- 7/12 no show

Kenneth Collins- 7/14 no show

Evan Compton- 7/13 state

Daniel Conrad- 7/15 DUI, posesión meth

Eric Cox- 7/17 domestic assault

Ryan Cox- 7/14 fugitive

Lloyd Davidson- 7/17 no show

Jordan Dick- 7/13 state

Martin Dixon- 7/17 weekender

Donnie Edwards- 7/14 state

Justin Gerber- 7/16 warrant

Richard Hall- 7/15 no show

Charles Hensley- 7/17 warrant

Jeremiah Hix- 7/16 no show

Randy Johnson- 7/17 A.I. 

Melissa King-Mullins- 7/17- violate release

Jamie Lance- 7/17 contempt court

Albert Lewis- 7/14 theft from building 

Nathaniel Marks- 7/14 state

Damon Martin- 7/17 DUI

Cory Mckinney- 7/14 P.I.

Cody Norton 7/14- warrant

Nevin Olinger- 7/16 P.I.

Lisa Perkins- 7/16 no show

Steven Propes- 7/14 DUI

Sarah Jo Rice- 7/15 DUI

Jerry Richardson- 7/16 trafficking meth

Dennis Robke- 7/15 DUI

Danny Rose- P.I., possession opiates

David Ross- 7/16 DUI, possession meth

Timothy Sizemore- 7/16 no show

Gary Stepp- domestic assault

Johnny Taulbee- violate release

Dewey Thorpe- no show 

Tryle Tutt- no show

Angel Webb- P.I.

Christopher Whisman- wanton endanger.

Casey Wise- execute warrant

Owen Woolery- trafficking meth, heroin 

BE uses all available photos w/ permission of Three Forks Regional Jail. All detainees innocent until proven guilty. no mugshots un-used by requests-NO EXCEPTIONS! 


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