NP=Photo Unavailable. Detainees/Charges:

Adkins, Phillip- DUI.

Allen, James NP- possession of drugs.

Banks, Dustin NP- state.

Baker, Paul Jr NP- no show.

Barker, Nikki NP- possession meth.

Barnes, Eldon- menacing, trespassing.

Benny, Sherri NP- disorderly conduct.

Bush, Ronni NP- contempt court.

Childers, Joshua NP- assault.

Clark, Justin Todd NP- court fines.

Edmonson, Jeremy NP- receive stolen goods.

Flynn, Vanessa NP- theft.

Fowler, John- trafficking heroin.

Fox, Cheryl NP- P.I.

Griffith, Dylan NP- A.I.

Grigsby, Miranda NP- no show.

Gumm, Christina- assault, fleeing police on foot, trespass.

Harrison, Damian NP- no show.

Harvey, Billy NP- DUI, possession drugs.

Hays, Tenicia NP- improper passing, DUI.

Hoban, Michael NP- open alcohol in vehicle, DUI, possession of drugs, fleeing the scene of accident.

Johnson, Ashley NP- warrant.

Johnson, nina NP- DUI, no insurance.

Justice, Kelley NP - DUI, possession drugs, careless driving.

Keith, Charlie- no proof insurance, fleeing scene of accident, DUI, suspended license, disorderly conduct, criminal mischief.

King, Matthew- no insurance, DUI.

Logsdon, Laura NP- no show.

Lewis, Felisha NP - P.I.

Lewis, Willie NP- state.

Marshall, Jesse - theft.

Miller, Stacy NP- domestic assault.

Miracle, Jessica NP- theft.

Moore, Joshua NP- violate release.

Morgan, Brian- P.I.

Muncy, Sarah NP- warrant.

Neace, Kendra NP- court fines, promote contraband.

Noe, Jordan- theft, engage in organized crime.

Norton, Cody NP- DUI.

Plowman, Ronnie NP- DUI.

Rice, Charles NP- no show.

Riddell, Jacqueline NP- court fines.

Roark, Kyle NP- burglary.

Roberts, Wilgus NP- A.I.

Smallwood, David NP- court fines.

Spencer, Dylan NP- warrant.

Terry, Michael NP - theft.

Thorpe, Jesse L- possession meth.

Watkins, Jason NP- court fines.

West, Troy NP- no show.

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