No photos for following: 

Johnnie Abney 7/20- DUI. 

James Scott Brandenburg 7/24- contempt court

Francis Brettnacher 7/22- speeding, careless driving, no license

Ethan Bush- weekender

Shannon Cain 7/22- DUI, open alcohol in vehicle

Hank Collins 7/22- no show

Rusty Collins 7/23- court fines

Anthony Combs 7/19- felon w/ firearm, possession drugs

Christopher Combs 7/20- no show

Lisa Combs 7/23- court fines

Wayne Cornett 7/23- no show

Michael Couch 7/24- no show

Brandon Crowe 7/19- no show

Martin Dixon- order

Jonathan Hager 7/22- no show

Hobart Hall 7/20- possession meth

Michael Handy 7/21- violate parole

Shawn Joseph 7/21- DUI, speeding, reckless driving

Leckie Andrew 7/19- commitment order

Jesse Marshall 7/22- court fines

Randel Mcintosh 7/24- DUI, careless driving

Sally Mcquinn 7/22- court fines

Paul Jason Moore 7/21- no show

Jimmy Nieves 7/21- no show

Nathan Norris 7/23- court fines

Joshua Pence 7/19- violate release

Orville Puckett 7/21- possession meth, heroin  

Joshua Schindler 7/23- no show

Chancy Silcox- court fines

Travis Spicer 7/20- DUI

Anna J Stacy 7/19- order for rehab

Nelson Stepp 7/22- no show

David Tillery 7/19- DUI

Preston Webber- DUI

Christopher Whitaker 7/19- no insurance, no license 

John White 7/19- violate EPO

Jeffrey Woolery 7/22- DUI

Brian Workman 7/22- no show

Mark Worrell 7/21- contempt court

Angel Young 7/20- possession meth 

The BE uses all available photos w/ permission of Three Forks Jail. No photos unused by request-NO EXCEPTIONS! All detainees innocent until proven guilty. 


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