Johnny Little- DUI, possession. Culley Abner- harassment, threatening. Lonnie Arvin- assault. James Baisden- possession meth, theft. Cody Begley- no show. Ethan Bush- trespass. Rickey Carroll- DUI. Katasha Coffey- violate parole. Christopher Combs- unpaid support/payments. Michael Cornett Jr- A.I. Tisha Cornett- disorderly conduct. Zachariah Dennis- no show. Brandy Freeman- DUI. Larry Hall- meaning. Dakota Have- violate parole. Felisha Lewis- assault. Christopher Marshall- domestic assault. Robert miller- P.I. Horace Napier- possession of stolen items, trafficking meth, reckless driving, speeding. Douglas Newman- speeding, no insurance, reckless driving. Aaron Noland- suspended license. Matthew Powell- bail jumper. Tracy Proffit- non compliance with specialty court. Daniel Riddell- DUI. Rosie Smith- posession meth, no insurance. Larry Stidham- DUI, fleeing scene of accident. Elmer Summer- DUI, careless driving. Wesley Taulbee- trespass. April Walden- possession meth. Terry Wise- P.I.


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