Scott Adams has been with the Berea Fire Department for nearly 25 years, working 3.5 years as a volunteer before being hired by the city. Now he has been promoted to become department’s new training officer, hoping to set the tone for a program that will positively impact the department well into the future.

“This is something I hope to continue for the department,” Adams said about training. “I’d like for others who follow me to be able to build on what I do now.”

A lot has changed since Adams first signed on as a firefighter in 1995. For one thing, the more frequent use of synthetic materials in homes means fires burn faster and they are more toxic and deadly than ever. Perhaps with that in mind, one of his jobs will be to keep firefighters up to date on the latest information and strategies, whether it’s about building construction, how to use new equipment, or, of course, the latest firefighting techniques. “Things are always changing,” Adams said. “But hopefully I can lay the groundwork for future training officers.”

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