Madison County Airport

Central Kentucky Regional Airport is on the verge of completing three airplane hangars, which are estimated to generate $89,000 in annual revenue. The Madison County Airport Board hopes to use the revenue to repay $1.2 million in development loans, which are insured by the three local governments.

The Berea City Council heard the first reading of an ordinance that will help secure funding for a water and sewer line extension project for the Central Kentucky Regional Airport (CKRA) in Madison County.

In a Tuesday videoconference work session, the council heard a presentation from Madison County Airport Board Chair George Wyatt and Karen Leverenz of the Blue Grass Area Development District.

Wyatt explained CKRA is in the second phase of a three-phase improvement project to upgrade airport facilities to allow for expansion. The first phase involved constructing new T hangars, which will be occupied this fall. The second phase is the extension of the water/sewer line to connect to Berea Municipal Utilities, and improvement of the terminal building is the third phase.

The cost of the $1.2 million upgrade would be mostly funded through a $1,024,800 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission, while the three governments, including Berea, are being asked to guarantee a loan for the reminder of the cost,

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