Baptist Health Richmond Births

Nov. 19

• Daughter and son born to Haley Howard and Glenn Neeley of Tyner


Nov. 23

• Daughter born to Amber and Cody Turner of Stanton

• Son born to Kelly and Joseph Banks of Booneville

• Son born to Mahaleigh Broadus and Jason Norton of Madison County

• Daughter born to Ashley and Alan Scott of Madison County


Nov. 24

• Daughter born to Olivia Gross and Terry Hurd of Irvine

• Son born to Sandra Sizemore and David Isaacs of Berea


Nov. 25

• Daughter born to Amanda Patton and Richard Centers of Irvine

• Son born to Kristen Beckler and Charles Cox of Irvine

• Son born to Alivia and Cody Gibson of Booneville

Dec. 14

• Daughter born to Rachell and Daniel Ballard of Richmond


Dec. 15

• Son born to Brandy Joseph and Devin Horn of Tyner


Dec. 16

• Son born to Kayla Barrett and Jesse Bennett of Booneville


Dec. 17

• Son born to Nacholl Morris and Dakota Canter of Richmond

• Son born to Jessica and Woodrow Brooks of McKee


Dec. 18

• Son born to Kaitlynn and Bradley Newman of Beattyville

• Daughter born to Kalli Hall and Hunter Isaacs of Richmond

• Son born to Charlsie and Roberto Neria of Irvine


Dec. 21

• Son born to Chaitali and Abhishek Jani of Richmond

• Daughter born to Lauren ad Taylor Brummett of Richmond


Dec. 22

• Daughter born to Breanna Gill and Kenneth Struss of Berea

• Daughter born to Candice and Brandon Sheppard of Paint Lick


Dec. 23

Son born to Annie Fields and Joseph Gadd of Mt. Vernon

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