Jerry Little

My name is Jerry Little and for the last 12 years I have served on the Berea City Council. I have worked hard to keep Berea a great place to live and work. I believe in the basics.

I guess I am just a little old fashioned. I try to use common sense and my work and business experience that I have acquired over the years. “ I will continue to do the best I can for our City and residents.”

best I can for our City and residents.”

Why are you running for Berea City Council?  How many times have you ran and if you are an incumbent, how many terms have you served?

 I have served the people of Berea for the past 12 years as a part of the Berea City Council.  I feel that public safety for our city is a big concern.  People need to feel safe and secure in their homes and businesses.  I always support the police and fire department as well as all first responders.

What is the single biggest issue facing Berea and what is your solution to that problem?

I feel that watching our budget.  We need to be spending our taxpayer’s money wisely.  In addition, we need to ensure that the city has a rainy day fund.  These things must be accomplished while keeping our city running smoothly and keeping our taxes as low as possible.

What is the role of the city government?

A good infrastructure is essential.  We need to keep the costs of electric, water and sewer as low as possible.  I have worked harder than anyone on the electric contract that started in 2019.  We (Berea City Council), negotiated a really good electric contract for our citizens.

What can be done to attract more business to Berea?

We need to do more in the way of preventative maintenance for our city.  Keeping our streets, curbs, gutters, and streams as clean as possible to prevent future flooding, etc.

 What is the most underrated thing about Berea and what would you do to make sure it becomes the most noted thing the city has to offer? 

Public space is a very underrated thing.  We need to strive to keep our public spaces clean and safe.  Improving our parks, walking trails, bicycle trails and side walks are all important undertakings for our city.

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