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The Berea City Council will have its future meetings online until the COVID-19 virus runs its course. 

Members of the council, along with Mayor Bruce Fraley, City Administrator David Gregory, City Attorney Jerry Gilbert and City Clerk Robin Adams met via video conference and approved an emergency ordinance regarding meeting protocols. Future meetings will be conducted remotely as set forth by KRS 61.826.

Under the ordinance, council members “shall use their best efforts to avoid attending in 

person and shall observe any binding governmental directive or order that may be issued in the future to prohibit such attendance.”

The ordinance doesn’t require a second reading and applies to any City of Berea board, commission or “any other public meeting of the City of Berea” and adds that “no such meeting shall occur until the mayor has certified the need for such a meeting considering the then-current situation regarding public safety.”

Under the emergency ordinance, the city shall provide members of the general public on public viewing of meetings via the internet, along with a notice and a video link to observe meetings at least 24 hours before a video meeting.


Website formed


The City of Berea also has launched a temporary website to provide updates and information regarding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic to the citizens of Berea. 

“The new website will provide a one-stop shop for information and assistance related to impact of the coronavirus. I encourage all citizens to be informed, to stick together and to help one another. We will continue to website to provide everyone with the most current information available,” Fraley said. 

Gregory agreed. 

“We are determined too take immediate steps to help our residents and businesses weather the current situation,” he said. “I’m sure in the coming days and weeks, there will be more measures the City of Berea can implement to help our residents and businesses as additional needs arise.”


• The temporary address is A printed listing can be found on page A9.

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