Berea Police Car

DUI Arrest

• On Oct. 16, officers were dispatched to an injury accident on Richmond road.

Officers arrested Gary Brock and charged him with Operating Motor Vehicle Under Influence 1st (Aggravated Circumstances).

• On Oct. 22, officers were dispatched to Whitehall drive in reference to a vehicle striking another vehicle.

Officers arrested Keith Whitaker and charged him with Operating Motor Vehicle under Influence 2nd, Failure to Produce Insurance Card and Failure of Non-Owner to Maintain Insurance 1st offense.


• On Oct. 17, officers were dispatched to Berea College regarding a naked subject on campus.

Officers arrested Deshaun Kubat and charged him with Public Intoxication, Indecent Exposure, Fleeing on foot and Resisting arrest.

• On Oct. 19, officers were dispatched to George street in reference to someone stumbling around.

Officers arrested Paul Adkins and charged him with public intoxication.

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