Berea Rotary Club June, 2021

Berea Rotary members were treated with sparkle and enthusiasm emanating from two varied sources—the utilitarian and the artistic. The former came with the speaker Kevin Howard, General Manager for Berea Municipal Utilities. The latter, hosted by member Sune Frederickson, represented the Folk Circle Association of Berea. 

Howard shared many pieces of numerical data pertaining to rates, gallons, operational needs, safety, types of pipes and wiring as well as sound business procedures for managing water, electric, and sewer. He noted that the utility company was purchased from the college and is unique among a few cities. Of special interest to citizens is that Kentucky is 46th in the nation on rates. There was some discussion concerning the charging stations located at the newly opened dog park.  There was consensus among members concerning the high quality of Berea water and the quick response time when problems occur.

The dancer/musician group entertained Rotary members with a selection of English Country Dance, Bluegrass and  Irish folk  singing and playing, along with information concerning the preservation of folk Country Dance, Fall Mountain Folk Festival, Danish American Yule Fest and—new this year—story telling. Approximately ten performers showcased their skills in these areas through voice, stringed instruments, and dance patterns.

Doug Brothers was a guest at the musical session. Treasurer Marty Wayland announced the club had made $827 from the US 25 yard sale participation for the scholarship fund. Currently meeting at the Smokehouse Grille, the members will host their annual Silent Auction and pot luck on June 29th.  Those interested in “Service above Self” are invited to attend to learn what Rotary is all about. 

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