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Jami Thomas, left, Melissa Stacy, right.

This fall, Berea and Madison County will have a new elementary option when it comes to Christian education.

Kingdom Christian Academy will open its doors to families, offering grades Pre-K through 4th grade. Pre-K will serve potty-trained 3-to-4-year olds.

“We always knew that our community needed a Christian school that was able to provide both a quality education and more importantly, a Christ-centered view of the world.” said Melissa Stacy, founder and co-owner of Kingdom Christian Academy.

Stacy, who began with a vision, was supported by an obvious need in Madison County.

“As we spoke with people in the community, we knew that the need for this school was something that many desired, so we partnered with Great Commission Church, prayed, and took off with the idea for this school!” said Stacy.

The mission for the school is simple.

“Our mission at Kingdom Christian Academy is to serve children and families by providing a safe and nurturing Christian learning environment for all.” said Stacy.

Kingdom Christian Academy will be utilizing Abeka Curriculum accompanied by play-based learning for younger students, and an opportunity for real-world experiences for older students.

“Abeka is an established program that inspires learning and teaches biblical value within our Christian school. The program teaches using a spiral teaching method which instills the foundational skills many students are lacking.” said Stacy. “Abeka focuses on mastery, not memorization, and forms a bridge to new topics promoting critical thinking skills.”

Stacy also assures lots of field trips will be planned to assist in student engagement and continuous learning.

“We like to think that we have taken the best parts of education, the education that many of us remember growing up, and made that into our curriculum.” said Stacy.

With the pandemic hopefully at our heels, Kingdom Christian Academy wants to offer what is wanted and needed not only by students but also parents.

“I think that many of us can agree that there is a need for education reform in this country.” said Stacy. “We are making steps for that change with Kingdom Christian Academy. Parents are yearning for their students to be in-person, to have smaller class sizes, to be a part of the academic community all while learning and being surrounded in Christ’s love. And that is what they will receive at our school.”

Kingdom Christian Academy is to set sail this fall with both co-owners Melissa Stacy and Jami Thomas steering the ship. Stacy has many years of experience in education and directing a private school program. Thomas has served as a teacher for numerous years and has also worked in several leadership positions.

“We are excited to be a part of something that is our own and to make it great!” said Stacy.

The staff is built of passionate, experienced educators; Linda Parker, Jennifer Christman, Jen Gullett, Holly Combs, Lynel McKeel, Christina Parke, Melissa Stacy, and Jami Thomas.

“We will be having a ‘back to school’ night in August where parents and students will meet teachers and tour classrooms. Everyone will be notified via email and on Facebook of this date.” said Stacy.

If citizens are interested in learning more about Kingdom Chrisitan Academy and enrollment, they can visit their Facebook page: Kingdom Christian Academy.

Citizens can also locate a link on the Facebook page for registration. For any other questions, or interest, citizens may also email at

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