State Gov race

Election precinct officer Warren Swope, center photo, shows voter James Shoopman how to scan his ballot Tuesday at Madison Southern High School.

Democratic challenger and Governor-elect Andy Beshear carried Madison County by 74 votes. The statewide margin was just as close.

Beshear, the current Attorney General and son of former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear, defeated Bevin, the incumbent Republican 709,577 to 704,388, a razor-thin margin of 5,189 votes.

Despite the thin margin, Bevin has yet to concede and said the contest was a “close, close race” and he wasn’t giving up by “any stretch.”

Although Bevin lost the gubernatorial race, the GOP sweep all the down ballot races in Madison County and throughout the state.

In a close race, Michael Adams (R) defeated Heather French Henry (D) 746,275-681, 763.

Daniel Cameron defeated Greg Stumbo by 15 percentage points in the statewide tally for Attorney General.

The Republican incumbents, Mike Harmon (State Auditor), Allison Ball (State Treasurer) and Ryan Quarles (Commisioner of Agriculture) won their respective races by double-digit margins.

In Madison County, Ball received the most votes with 19,023, followed by Quarles with 18,477.

Overall, there were 30,922 votes cast in Madison County and turnout exceeded expectations.

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