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 fellow walked out of an antique shop carrying a big grandfather clock he’d just purchased. He had always wanted one and was happy to shell out big bucks for such a great find.

The fellow made it out of the shop and onto the sidewalk when an old drunk bumped into him, knocking the clock out of his hands. It broke all to pieces on the concrete.

“Look what you did,” the fellow said angrily.

“Why don’t you just wear a wristwatch like everyone else?” the old drunk asked.

Time tends to be very important to us on this side of eternity. We keep our watches and clocks handy so we’ll always know the time of day. We have them on our arms, on our walls, on our kitchen ranges, on our nightstands, in our offices, on our vehicle dashboards. Then, twice a year, we have to change all those clocks, at least those that don’t change automatically.

That can be quite the chore, especially with those dashboard clocks. I always struggle to remember which buttons to push and which dial to turn when it comes time to spring forward or fall back. I always feel a great sense of accomplishment when I, through much trial and error, finally get done.

Perhaps you remember the time that the Lord set back the clock – well, it was actually a sundial – for King Hezekiah. 

Hezekiah was ill and dying, and he prayed for healing. The Bible tells us he turned his face to a wall and wept as he prayed. God heard Hezekiah’s prayer and added 15 years to his life.

I find it fascinating that Hezekiah had the audacity to ask for proof that the Lord had answered his prayer. I find it even more fascinating that the Lord, in his great patience, provided that proof.

The prophet Isaiah, who was with Hezekiah at the time, offered a time change as the proof. 

He asked Hezekiah whether he’d rather the Lord set the sundial forward 10 degrees or back 10 degrees?

Hezekiah thought about this for a moment and decided it would be a lot more difficult to set a sundial back 10 degrees. So, that’s what he asked for.

“And Isaiah the prophet cried unto the Lord: and he brought the shadow 10 degrees backward” (2 Kings 20:11).

That was an incredible miracle. Think about what had to happen in the heavens to make it happen. People have questioned for years how the Lord pulled that off. 

I’m glad for folks who don’t worry about the “how” but instead just marvel that He “did” it.

There are times when we, like the old drunk who thought the fellow was carrying around a grandfather clock so he’d know the time, can miss the obvious. And, in this case, the obvious is that there’s nothing our Lord can’t do.


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