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The Madison County Fiscal Court has ended its 45-year partnership with the Madison County Rescue Squad. 

The annual contract between the two entities ended on Feb. 11 and the Madison County Fire Department will now be responsible for rescue efforts in the county. The fire department will be providing rescue service for Madison County EMS and the various volunteer fire departments will be coordinating with the Madison County Coroner for transport service.  

“This decision was made after careful deliberation and review of a variety of factors including concerns over possible litigation, financial oversight, feedback from 

citizens, and on-scene safety concerns involving Madison County Rescue Squad, Inc.,” Madison County Judge Executive Reagan Taylor said. “In addition, feedback and input from members of the emergency response community both within Madison County Government and with our partnering emergency response agencies led to this decision.”

Members of the Madison County rescue squad disagreed with the decision.

“We strongly disagree with the decision to withdraw our affiliation with the county but we will work to insure an orderly transition of services,” the Rescue Squad said in a Facebook post last week. 

“Organizations that have previously depended upon us for support for public events should contact the Madison County Fire Department to discuss arrangements for future support. 

“Citizens who need emergency assistance should continue to call 911 as usual. While we will no longer be providing rescue services after Feb. 11, we intend to properly store and maintain our vehicles and equipment, continue training and maintain our status as a non-profit corporation. 

“We hope that a future administration will reconsider the need to provide a dedicated rescue squad for the county, and if that occurs, we expect to be ready to serve.”

In a release, the court said the Madison County Fiscal Court, Madison County Emergency Management, and Madison County Fire Department will:

• Continue to provide the same level of service that Madison Countians are accustomed to and in compliance with KRS 39F.

• Continue to provide rescue service, as we have in the past, with our highly qualified full-time firefighters who are trained in both fire and rescue response.

• Continue our financial support of each of our volunteer fire departments as well as the Berea Rescue Squad.

• Continue to ensure a baseline of 100 hours of training per member in both fire and rescue response.

• Continue utilizing specialized teams to assist in major scale events.

• Continue to utilize the County’s extrication equipment for vehicle entrapment response.


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