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Berea Mayor Bruce Fraley presented a proclamation to Jennifer Lainhart Tuesday evening designating October 2019 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Lainhart is the director of Hope’s Wings Domestic Violence Shelter in Richmond.

On Wednesday, both Fraley and Lainhart were at Richmond City Hall to sign the proclamation, along with Richmond Mayor Robert Blythe and Madison County Judge Executive Reagan Taylor. The proclamation read as follows:

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Whereas, domestic violence has no place in our society, and we have a moral obligation to support the victims and their children while putting into place strategies for preventing it in the future; and

Whereas, domestic violence destroys lives and damages the dignity of men, women, and children; and

Whereas, domestic violence awareness month is an opportunity to emphasize our commitment to ending domestic violence in our community; and

Whereas, a home should be the ultimate place for safety, comfort and love. Domestic violence shatters these basic foundations of life. We are strongly committed to addressing domestic violence and helping those who have been victimized; and

Whereas, during Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are grateful for the agencies and individuals providing care to those affected by these acts of cruelty and to law enforcement and the court system for bringing offenders to justice. By working together, we can build a community where every home honors the value and dignity of its loved ones.

Now, Therefore, the City of Berea, the City of Richmond, and Madison County do hereby proclaim October 2019 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Richmond, Berea and all of Madison County. We urge all our citizens to reach out to victims and help end domestic violence.

(City of Berea)

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