Bread of Life

I wanted to get away for a while, so Rhonda and I decided to take a road trip for dinner last Saturday and drove to Liberty for some freedom from the problems of the world.

While we are still fighting COVID-19 and people are going back and forth over other current issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement and the wear or not to wear mask mandate, sometimes getting away from it all helps clear your mind.

Social media — and I cringe when the word “media” is added to social web sites — is a big part of our lives now. Facebook and Twitter are the main hangouts for discussing topics and issues of our day and, sadly, sitting behind a computer has resulted in less civility in our country.

I did talk to one reader last week and she told me she has no iPhone, no computer, no Facebook and still maintains a landline phone for communication. I mentioned to her that she was probably better off for not having those types of technical advances.

Those are topics to consider for another time. Now back to our Saturday travels.

It had been a long time since we ventured into Casey County and decided to do it again last weekend We took the backroads tour — through Paint Lick, Lancaster, and Stanford to get to where we were going.

The drive reminded me of how blessed we are amid the ongoing chaos in our state, nation, and world. God’s creation continues to amaze me. The green grass, nature, and seeing a bunch of cows cooling off in a pond on the right side of the road brought joy as I drove toward greener pastures.

Although it took more than an hour to get to Liberty, it was definitely worth the drive to get away from all the noise. The focal point of going to Casey County was to eat dinner at the “Bread of Life Cafe.”

Just as I remembered from my previous visit more than 10 years ago, the buffet, featuring baked chicken, fried fish, shrimp and all of the fixings, plus the unique homemade bread, was excellent. The honey butter and cinnamon butter on the bread made it twice as good.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, a worker prepared my plate and she probably did better than I could have considering the many options that were available.

We saved room for the dessert and the banana pudding — one of my favorites — topped off an impressive meal.

We didn’t take the backroads home and traveled on the Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway, which took us to Somerset, Mount Vernon and back to Berea.

The “Bread of Life” put some wind in our sails and was soothing to our souls.

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