Keith Taylor column 4

This year is coming to a close, finally.

We’ve endured a pandemic and I personally dealt with the loss of my mom back in October. Even when we return to normal in the coming months, things won’t be the same and will require a few tweaks an adjustments.

The week of Christmas, Rhonda and I both tested positive for COVID-19 and are recovering at home during the final week of 2020. We were both were extremely careful, while out in public, but the virus found a way into our household, where we have been quarantined since Dec. 23. Don’t ask how we contracted the virus, because we don’t even know where it came from in all honesty. We just want to make sure no one else gets it from until the quarantine period ends.

When looking back at the past year, it has been a year unlike any other and personally I have missed interacting without a mask, shaking hands, fearless family gatherings and life as it once was before we ever heard of social distancing, mask mandates, meetings and press conferences on Zoom and cardboard cutout fans.

We missed a lot of things the past 12 months and I jotted down some things that changed in the past year that were normal before the pandemic changed it all .

I missed one-on-one interviews and interactions, whether from the most important figures in our community, Kentucky coaches and athletes to everyday common people who have a story to share to readers. Sure, Zoom and phone interviews have filled the void, but there’s nothing like face-to-face contact and friendships.

I missed not taking my niece Addisyn to the Madison County Fair It seems like we did that every single year and I always made sure I rode the “crazy bus” and watched the truck and tractor pulls, one of the my favorite events at the fair.

I really missed not attending city council and fiscal court meetings and covering sporting events with a full house.

A near-empty Kroger Field and Rupp Arena just isn’t the same, not matter how many fake fans you stick in the stands or how much fake noise you can filter through the public address system.

The hardest thing was to avoid people in public for fear of getting he virus, because you just never knew who had it and who didn’t. Some symptoms were evident and others weren’t, making it more dangerous to contract while in the general public.

This past year presented some personal blessings in spite of the pandemic and for those I am most thankful. One of those is being named publisher of this newspaper.

Let’s hope the next year isn’t a repeat of the previous 12 months. Happy New Year!

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