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Moms are special.

I’m blessed to have a mother who has been there for me through thick, thin and everything in between. That’s just what a good mother does and I have a special mom. One who is understanding and caring.

I was raised by a good set of parents and I’m thankful they taught my sister Taunya and me right from wrong and did the best they could to make sure we were taken care of while we were growing up. Mom even took a job to help with finances and I never realized the significance of the sacrifice until I got older.

Raising children requires sacrifice; Mom made sure we made it to ball practice, after-school events, sporting events of all kinds and whatever we needed. Working, being a pastor’s wife and raising two kids required creativity and leaving little time for your own self.

Mom also made sure we had a meal at the table about every night. She always prepared home-cooked meals and we rarely had dinner out, with the exception of the weekend when it was a treat for us to go to Jerry’s to have lunch after church. We always called it dinner for lunch and supper was dinner. Sometimes Dad would bring dinner home from town (Richmond) or we would grab a sandwich from the store (at Happy Landing or Estes Round Hill General Store).

Mom made fried chicken the hard way and it was always good. So were the pork chops and other items she prepared from the garden we raised. We always had potatoes, green beans, corn and other items we grew year in and year out. Mom prepared them well, all the while working and helping raise two kids in bucket town, near Happy Landing.

As I have gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate all that my parents did while we were growing up and they weren’t easy tasks. Mom also did the laundry, cooked dinner, did the grocery shopping, while Dad took care of the outside maintenance, such as mowing the grass, raising a few farm animals and tending the church and God’s work.

It took teamwork to get the job done.

I’m also thankful to have a step-mom who takes care of dad and cooks some wonderful and delicious meals. I’m also blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law, who is a prime example of what a mother-in-law should be. All three love the Lord and pray for us and that’s all you can ask.

This Sunday is devoted strictly to mothers so make sure you give them a big hug this weekend. If your mom is no longer with us, remember the good times and carry on the traditions that were handed down for generations.

Mother’s Day is a time to salute all mothers and I’m giving mine a big hug this weekend. She deserves it.

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