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Earlier this week, we had a visitor at the office. It was a familiar voice, one that I recognized very well and sure enough, it was someone that I knew.

My great uncle Billy May doesn’t make many trips to Berea, but he wanted to subscribe to the paper and drove to our office to become a subscriber. Billy is special to me and I could sit and listen to him for hours and we can talk about anything from farming to the Kentucky Wildcats.

Despite my family’s history with farming, I know very little about farm life, but Mom’s family know plenty about farming and my late grandfather, J.B. May took care of the Coy Farms in Round Hill.  

As a child, Dad would pack us up and take us to the Garrard County Stockyards nearly every Friday night. A lot of times we would see my grandfather in the stands with a number on a place card in his hand ready to make a deal on cattle. I can still see those cards dangling on a piece of wire in the stands that was sent to the office so the official transaction could be made. 

I remember those long, winding drives on Ky. 52, but always happy when we arrived at the stock pen as cattle was auctioned off and sold. The best part was getting a hamburger and fries at the restaurant adjacent to the stockyards and that was always a treat. It was our Friday night dinner.

The beef we always bought ended up becoming our supply of meat for the year and it was always lean and so good. We also had hog meat, which also was equally as good.

The May family always had a hand in tobacco and I can remember helping my late grandfather and late uncle Jack strip tobacco in the barn. I didn’t chop it or plant it. Stripping it was the extent of tobacco farming. Every time I see my uncle Billy, my mind goes back to the simpler times.

I remember visiting with uncle Billy a couple of years ago and we talked for hours about everything from A to Z. I asked him if he had a cell phone and he didn’t have one. To this day he still doesn’t have a cell phone.

He still uses his landline phone and has a little book where he stores his phone numbers. Technology has changed the way we communicate and to some degree has made our lives a little easier, but sometimes we are less productive and more complicated.

I told Billy he made my day by stopping by and subscribing to our paper and the first issue he gets in the mail is hopefully this one. He will know how much he means to me and his impact on my life.

Thank you, Billy for becoming a subscriber to our paper.

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