Keith Cumberland Falls

It’s been a long time since I visited Cumberland Falls. So long, in fact, I don’t remember the last time I visited one of the state’s most beautiful attractions.

Last month, the Kentucky Press Association had its annual fall retreat and business meeting for board members there. Rhonda and I ventured into the country side of Corbin and settled in for a one-night stay at the lodge, which is scenic and beautiful this time of the year.

Although the getaway was business-oriented and dealing with business matters at hand, we did make time to explore the scenic surroundings. I came away impressed with what Cumberland Falls has to offer to visitors.

The falls on the Cumberland River are an amazing sight to see and breathtaking. Rhonda and I were impressed with the rocks and the fall foliage that surrounds the main attraction.

We found a few photo spots and snapped away and we even spotted an otter swimming across the water. We took pictures in front of the massive falls and could have stayed there for hours.

The falls also is known as the “Niagara of the South” and if you are lucky, you can spot a moon bow, a phenomenon that’s rare in our hemisphere. I’ve never experienced a moon bow, but it’s on my agenda. The moon bow is moonlight refracted in the midst of the falls.

We dined at the Riverview Restaurant located inside DuPont Lodge. The lodge provided a unique view of the river valley and the food was amazingly good. The buffet-style dinner was filling and breakfast the following morning was equally impressive. It’s hard to pass up fried chicken and all the trimmings. Catfish also was a speciality. It was all so good that Rhonda and I will be going back just to eat at the Riverview. We may even spend the night again just to eat breakfast and explore the area a little more.

If you know us, we like to eat more than explore.

The most unique thing was simply doing without technology for a couple of days and meeting fellow board members. I took pictures, lots of them.

Rhonda and I both enjoyed the shorter getaway from it all. There are trails surrounding the falls and even a beach you can walk to along a short trail from the falls.

Of all the things that surround us, nature is the greatest sight to see and Cumberland Falls and its resort park are one of the hidden secrets in the Bluegrass State, especially in the fall.

My good friend Darrell Bird of the Cats Pause told me the frozen falls is amazing too. I see a winter visit in our future as well.

It’s worth the drive and your time. You might even get lucky and see a bear.

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