Keith Taylor 2021

There’s something about finding a bargain.

A good deal can be discovered almost anywhere there is a cash register, but most of those money-saving bargains can be mostly found at garage, yard and estate sales this time of the year.

I enjoy visiting yard sales and consider it a stress reliever and a chance to find a bargain on something I may be in the need for and don’t want to pay top dollar for when I can get it used and for a cheaper price.

I like to drive to places I don’t frequent often and believe me, this county features a lot of landscape and residential areas that are in places that are less traveled.

Neighborhood sales give me a chance to exercise and meet people. Sometimes, if it’s a big area, I will load up my bicycle, grab a backpack and peddle around the neighborhood. It saves gas and knocks off the calories, a win-win for the wallet and getting into shape.

I carry small change, such as five and one dollar bills to make it easier on both the buyer and seller and don’t waste my time at a residence that has used items to make a profit with an expensive price tag. There is a difference between a yard sale and an auction.

Most of the time, I find books, old LPs, some clothes and items on my wish list that I’m seeking at yard sales.

One year, I bought an electric keyboard that I use to enhance my skills on the piano. I have bought snow shovels for little of nothing and electronics, such as a computer monitor that sits in my home office.

In addition to yard sales, I enjoy visiting the Goodwill stores in search of hidden treasures. I have been known to visit them on road trips during March Madness if one is located near the media hotel.

During the U.S. 25 Yard Sale this weekend, I did notice more bargain hunters out than usual and for the most part, bargains were aplenty for those who took the time to look on what turned out to be a beautiful weekend.

I consider bargain hunting a fun hobby. It’s like a box of chocolates. You never know the next bargain you’re going to find.

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