Downed pole

This broken pole is the cause of the outage in the Whitlock Road area in Madison County. (Blue Grass Energy Photo)

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) advises the public of power line issues in Madison County. There are low and downed lines on Scaffold Cane Road/KY 1617. Motorists are encouraged to utilize the alternate route provided below in this advisory.

Extreme caution should be exercised if travel through the roadway is a necessity. Warning signage is in place with regard to using “extra caution."

District 7 crews with snow plow/salt trucks cannot pass through the area due to the current situation. The local utility company will be addressing the power lines as soon as possible. Crews will clear the route of snow and ice once the repairs are completed.

Alternate Route

Scaffold Cane Road/KY 1617 to Scaffold Cane Road/KY 595 to Mt. Vernon Road/US 25 to Scaffold Cane Road/KY1617

Motorists in Kentucky may report hazardous road conditions and fallen trees and power lines by calling (877) 367-5982.

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