Madison County Marriage License's:  June 3 - June 9, 2021

June 3

• Christopher Michael Stith, auto worker, 48, Berea to Melisha Kaye Skeens, nurse, 49, Berea

• Adam McKinley Ritchey, sales trainee, 22, Richmond to Ellie Lynne Brock, student, 21, Richmond

• Breann Alexis Rachelle Crabtree, cashier, 19, Berea to Dakota Lee Creech, factory worker, 19, Berea


June 4

• Anna Claire Ward, student, 19, Berea to Waqas Ahmad, student, 23, Berea

• Brooklyn Sierra Felty, SNRA/PCT, 20, Richmond to Skyler Dale Lee Evans, Wal-Mart, 21, Richmond

• Katelyn Paige Ashcraft, customer service, 21, Richmond to Winston Chance Hockensmith, customer service, 23, Richmond

• Zachary Ryan Brown, senior director, 29, Indianapolis, Indiana to Brianne Nicole Childress, manager, 26, Indianapolis, Indiana


June 7

• Mike W. McCoy, Jr., USPS, 38, Stanton to Silke Nicole Sterling, USPS, 37, Berea

• Darrell Wayne Abney, self-employed, 56, Richmond to Donnalyn Cuenco Vaughn, factory worker, 37, Richmond

• Mary Ann Biggs, medical assistant, 40, Richmond to Chancey Stuart Marshall, IT phone support, 39, Richmond

• Christopher Jalen Stith, UPS supervisor, 25 to Alexandra Claire Finch, Clark County Health Department, 25, Berea

Jeffrey Dale Bailey, supervisor, 49, Richmond to Teresa Lynn Madden, laboratory administrator, 47, Richmond


June 9

• Chase Alan Burdette, pastor, 24, Berea to Kirsten Joann Kennedy, teacher, 20, Berea

• Kelly Lynn Arnold, insurance, 26 to Christopher Lee Puckett, construction, 33, Richmond

• Kadesha Vivian Penman, sales associate, 27 to Justin Andre Smith, CDL, 33, Memphis, TN

• Tiffany Brooke Saunders, customer service, 26, Richmond to Joshua Matthew Browning, data entry, 28, Richmond

• Tiffany Nicole Broughton, CNA, 26, Berea to Nehemiah Joseph Doderer, engineer, 30, Berea

• Brittany Nicole Kenyon, restaurant manager, 24, Richmond to Jonathan Michael Roll, prep cook, 38, Richmond

• Karen Susan Schutter, RN, 69, St. Clair, MI to James Robert Edwards, retired, 70, Clinton Township, MI

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