Madison County Marriage Licenses Week of May 20 - 26, 2021

May 20

• London Elizabeth Horn (21) of Berea to Paul McCain Shannon (22) of Berea

• Stephanie Lynn Boley (48) of Richmond to Bryan Paul Baker (49) of Richmond

May 21

• Danielle Pinkam Spicer (28) of Berea to Nicholas Everett Rawlins (26) of Berea

• Katharine Carolina Tibbs (39) of Richmond to Joshua Wayne Hall (36) of Richmond

• Sherry Ellen Stamper (53) of Berea to William Harold Hartman (50) of Berea

• Ruth Ann Rogers (56) of Richmond to Floyd D. Rogers (52) of Berea

May 25

• James Bentley Conner (18) of Richmond to Cheyeen Paige Alexander (17) of Richmond

• Hannah Rose Ward (20) of Georgetown to Ethan Richard May (20) of Richmond

• Lyndsee Taylor Johnson (23) of Richmond to Taylor Lee Talbott (24) of Richmond

• Samantha Dawn Poston (26) of Lexington to Gregory Baxter Pullen II (30) of Lexington

• Kaylee Jo Winkler (22) of Richmond to Cameron Michael Wilson (23) of Richmond

• Alexis Dawn Anglin (22) of Richmond to Trystin Tanner Campbell (22) of Richmond

• Emily Cheyenne Bray (23) of Berea to Austin Shane Ruble (24) of Richmond

• Kenna LaRae Morris (23) of Berea to Joseph Ryan Nichols (30) of Berea

May 26

• Sarah Kristen Goettel (32) of Richmond to Matthew David Stinson (35) of Richmond

• Jenna Linnae Messenger (28) of Richmond to Anthony Dominick Pyland (27) of Richmond

• Autumn Leann Risk (22) of Richmond to James Andrew Colyer (26) of Richmond

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