Madison County Property Transfers:  April 15 - 19, 2021

April 15

• Meridian Partners, LCC to Baptist Healthcare System, Inc., 111 Meridian Way, 1,450,000

• Meridian Partners, LLC to Baptist Healthcare System, Inc. 107 Meridian Way, $4,600,000

• Jim Barnes (a/k/a James E. Barnes and James E. Barnes, Jr.) and Jan Barnes to Vincent R. Reynolds (a/k/a Ross Reynolds) and Michelle Reynolds, 515 North Second Street, $55,000

• George Riley and Jessica Riley to Rohan E. Alexander and Shawne E. Alexander, lot 36 Berkley Hall Subdivision, $39,000

• K & L Developers, LLC to J. Flynn, Inc., lot 137 Grey Oaks Subdivision,, Phase 3, $39,000

• Gerald Romans and Lena Romans to Thomas E. Lane and Deborah S. Lane, 3683 Berea Road and 3673 Berea Road, $115,000

• Dupuy Rentals, LLC to John Stellen Dupuy, 750 Whitlock Road, for and in consideration of love and affection which Grantor (John B. Dupuy, IV, being the sole manager of Dupuy Rentals, LLC and the father of the Grantee) has for Grantee, John Stellen Dupuy

• Elizabeth Young, through her Attorney-in-Fact, Virginia Young to Virginia Young, 10833 Battlefield Memorial Highway, in consideration of the love and affection and of caregiving services rendered from September of 2017

• Plum Line, Inc. to Troy Conner and Lauren Conner, lot 3 Parrish Addition, $38,000

April 16

• Foxglove Apartments, LLC to Brandon N. Fritz and Brooke Fritz, 101 Purcell Drive, $220,000

• Ridgeline Premier Properties, LLC, by Sherri Miller, Member and Michael Miller, Member to Tara C. Stingel, lot 52 South Bluegrass Junction, Phase 2, $240,000

• Charlotte A. Sallie to Robert Dakota Brandenburg, lot 30 of the Edgar Richardson Property, $110,000

• St. Andrews Retirement Community, Inc. to Donna L. Neal, 108 Aberdeen Drive Unit 6-A, $158,000

• Michael J. Gdovka and Charlotte A. Gdovka to John Spencer Hammond, lot 150, Phase IV, Indigo Run Subdivision, $49,000

• Robert S. Stollger and Kristina S. Stollger to Jennifer Michelle Graham, lots 11-16 Country Club Heights, $156,000

• New Idea Construction and Homes, LLC to Principled Properties, Inc., lot 113 Orchard Hills Subdivision, $36,000

• New Idea Construction and Homes, LLC t Principled Properties, Inc., lot 109 of the Final Subdivision Plat for Orchard Hills, Phase 4, $36,000

• H. C. Devasher Properties, LLC to John Colin Weckman and Maranda Evans Weckman, 208 Bellevue Drive, $154,900

• Swella Faye Bingham to Joseph Dukes, lot 13 South Pointe Subdivision, $210, 000

• William H. Luxon and Margaret Luxon to Tyler Higgins and Hannah Higgins, lots 10 and 12 of Shackelford Place Addition, $240,000

April 19

• The Estate of Janice Burdette Blythe, by and through the Administratix, Wilma Jean Clay to Timothy O. Clay, lot numbers 25 and 26 in the E.F. Dizney Estate Subdivision, $155,000

•Paul Hobbs and Morgan Hobbs to Michael David Jackson, Jr., and Kelsey Dawn Jackson, lot 28 Interstate Business Center, $199,900

• Ricky Manuel Fritts to Sapphire Rentals, LLC, 241 Evansdale Avenue, $195,000

• Debby Saylor, James Saylor and Russell Barry Adams to Haleigh Lynn Ward and Jonathon Blake Ward, parcel B plat 29/284, for and in consideration of $1.00, and love and affection between a parent and child

• Max Allen Hines to Steven H. Cornelius and Susan L. Cornelius, tract C plat 29/196, $215,000

• New Idea Construction and Homes, LLC to A & R Construction, LLC, lots 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, and 145 Orchard Hills Subdivision, Phase 4, $204,000

• Carol Ann Cook and Ned Gerald Cook to Ned and Carol Cook Revocable Trust, by and through Ned G. Cook and Carol A. Cook, lot 11 October Glory @ Golden Leaf, for and in consideration of the total purchase price of $1.00, cash in hand

• Douglas R. Mott and Monica Mott, to Tyler King, 148 Dallas Drive, $177,000

• Jeanitta Smith to Carla Treadway, lot 22 Braemar Subdivision, $230,000

• Raymond Overbay and Angelia Kaye Overbay to Randy Conley, lot 2 of the Flynn-Johnson Development, $34,500

• Craig’s Creek Ventures, LLC to SRA Properties, LLC by Stacey Kelly, Manager, lots 2, and 4, a portion of lot 7 and a portion of lot 8 Bennington Subdivision, $230,000

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