Madison County Property Transfers:  April 20 - 21

• Ronnie Mark Byrley and Lisa Gail Byrley to Julie B. Rivhin, 505 Elleigh Way, $213,000

  Susan L. Noblitt to Susan L. Noblitt, Trustee of the Susan L. Noblitt Revocable Trust dated February 8, 2010, 327 South Third Street and lot 6 in the T.H. Collins Subdivision, in fee simple

• Charles N. Conley and Rebecca B. Conley, by and threw her Attorney-in-Fact, Charles N. Conley to Charles No Conley, Trustee of the Charles and Rebecca Conley Revocable Trust dated October 11, 2018, lot 104 Vineyard Estates, in fee simple

• Tina Marie Sword, as Successor Trustee of the Ronald Cain, Jr., SNT dated April 22, 2011, to Tina Marie Sword, tract Madison County, for the purposes of making a distribution from the Ronald Cain, Jr. SNT

• Dwayne Phillips, Successor Trustee of the Phillips Family Dynasty Trust dated January 31, 2021, to Gertrude Scrivner, lot 22 Laneybrooke Estates, $225,000

• DKLRK, LLC to Autozone Development, LLC, plat 29 /245, $80,000

• Autozone Development, Inc. to Autozone Development, LLC, lots 1 and 2 Neal Subdivision, for nominal consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged

• Autozone Development, Inc. to Autozone Development, LLC, tracts Madison County, the purpose of consolidating the real property

• Lisa Fugate to Evan H. Brown and Sarah J. Keil, lot 233, Phase VI, Indigo Run Subdivision $389,000

• Jeffrey Wright to Scott Interests, L.P., 126 Moberly Road, $584,281.48

• Theresa Hinsberg and Francis Hinsberg to Jennifer Lynn Perkins and Thomas Carol Perkins, lot 13 Willow Ridge Subdivision, $385,000

  Pamela D. Grant to John Young and Lisa Ann Young, lot 10 Stoney Creek Subdivision, $178,000

• SJO Investments, LLC to Roy H. Moore and Debra L. Moore, lot number 52, Block A Miller’s Landing, $239,900

• Jo Anne white to Jason White, 622 Fentress Lane, $180,000

• New Idea Construction and Homes, LLC to Principled Properties Inc., 720 Tower Drive, $36,000

• New Idea Construction and Homes, LLC to Bison Properties, LLC, lot 115 Orchard Hills Subdivision, Phase 4, $36,000

• Austin R. Daniel to Ernest R. Rawlins and Maren Rawlins, lots 47 – 48 Meadow Valley Subdivision, $187,000

• Randi Paige Bowling to Brendon Layne Devasher, tract Madison County, $120,000

April 21

• Three Lakes Farm, LLC to Clinton Wesley Morgan and Lindsey Louise Morgan, tract plat 25/234, in order to vest title

• B. Lester Smith to Harry A. Riley and Rene J. Poitra-Riley, tract 1-A plat 25/90, $20,000

• Linda Cates to Ellen Mink, lot 7 Ambrose Bluebird Subdivision, $165,000

• James T. Hodge, Jr. and Sharon M. Hodge to Sandra Haynes, Kristina Moatts, Heather Coleman, and Courtney Coleman, lot 87, Block 3, Section 1, Suncrest Meadows Subdivision, $239,500

• Michael Chasteen and Brenda Chasteen to Jimalou Bayes, 2021 Kentucky River Road, $103,000

• Jack G. Marcum, Jr. and Amanda V. Stepp Marcum to Taylor Wheatley, lot 9 Bluegrass Center, Phase 4, $205,000

• Freddie Cooper and Nikki L. Cooper to Brittany Gilbert, lots 1 and 2 Crystal Meadows Subdivision, $223,900

• William A. Adkins to David Hoover and Linda Hoover, lot 64, Block 4 Richwood Subdivision, $175,000

• Dennis P. Upton, as First Alternative Successor Trustee of the Geraldine C. Upton Trust U/A dated May 18, 1998, to William Dale Adams and Sandy Adams, tract Chestnut Street, $300,000

• Lesley Durham to Linda Shanks, lot 20 Cherry Trace Subdivision, Phase 1, $225,000

• Gary Lee Cates (a/k/a Gary Cates) and Diane Cates to Branda Grant and David Grant, lot 1 plat 29/142, $50,000

• Thomas Skidmore and Mercedes Skidmore to Diana G. Taylor, Thomas Skidmore, and Mercedes Skidmore, lot 6 of the final plat of Logan Court, for no monetary consideration but rather as a gift between husband and wife for the benefit of establishing survivorship

• Pamela J. Mason and Jeff Mason to Christopher Dean, 2510 Oakley Wells Road, $85,000

• Thomas Quality Construction, LLC to Jonathan Paul Berry and Tessa Joy Berry, lot 44 The Crossings Subdivision, $215,314,000

• Ronnie W. Gabbard and Roena Gabbard to Mary C. Oaks and Daniel A Dinsmore, lots 10 and 11, Phase I Hukill Development, $389,900

• Cathy Black (n/k/a Cathy Weaver) to Derrick Sloan, tract Madison County, $55,000

• Brandon L. Denning and Kodi Mullins to Jackson Bodie Feezell and Elizabeth Anne Hogg, lot 43 of Unit 1-B Burchwood Subdivision, $180,000

• Judd David Hubbard and Alison Cockrell to Cody Meier and Brittani Meier, lot 51 Section 3 of Boone’s Trace Development, $42,500

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