Madison County Property Transfers:  April 27 - 28, 2021

April 27

  Jimmy D. Hall and Jamie L. Hall to Michael G. R. Everett, tract Madison County, $220,000

• Victory Lane Development, Inc. to Gregory Dean Berry, 241 Tahoe Way, $58,500

• David Denny and Billie Jean Denny to DMD Properties, LLC, 329 Green’s Crossing Road, for and in consideration of the additional capital contributions to the limited liability company 

•David C. Rose and Polly Rose to Vinson Sexton and Elizabeth Sexton, lot 62 Indian Hills Subdivision, Block 2, $18,000

• Peyton Keene to Rebuilt Realty, LLC, 143 Silver Creek Drive, $50,000

• KJC Properties, LLC to William J. Rogers and Nancy K Rogers, 338 Wyldwood Way, $195,000

• DCW Development, LLC to 3-D Management, LLC, lot 2 26/271, for and in consideration of the cancellation of it’s Land Contract dated May 15, 2018 for which there is a Memorandum of Land Contract of record and the sum of $200,000 cash in hand

• John Henry Cotton and Jennifer C. Cotton to Penelope J. Cotton, 404 Clay Drive, for and in consideration of love and affection, Grantor being parents of the Grantee

• New Idea Construction and Homes, LLC to Rainey Construction, LLC, lot 22 Orchard Hills Subdivision, $34,000

• New Idea Construction and Homes, LLC to Rainey Construction, LLC, lot 20 Orchard Hills Subdivision, $34,000

• John and Maysa Mashni, LLC to Mashni Rentals, Inc., 305 Churchill Drive, $205,750; 309 Churchill Drive, $205,750

• Megan Windherst (f/k/a Megan Tracy) and Logan Windherst to Sherry Lynn Lovely, 248 Byron Way, $207,000

• Michael B. Kitchens Mistie M. Kitchen and Samuel Campbell and Hannah Campbell, lot 44 King’s Trace Subdivision, Phase 1, $290,000

• Richmond Development Company, LLC to Turnberry Partners, LLC to Kelsey Nicholle Givens, lot 22 Ashpark Subdivision, $278,000

• Rocky Applegate and Hairl Applegate and Rocky Applegate to Erica Wise and Justin Wise, parcel A plat 29/178, for and in consideration of $1.00 cash in hand and the love and affection of the first party for the second party who is their daughter and sister and son in-law and brother in –law

• Masters Properties, LLC to Cynthia Prather Bell, tract Madison County, $89,000

• John E. Stewart to Hallie Anise Harrison and Elijah Paul Harrison, 301 Wilshire Way, $183,000

• Debra L. Norris to Roy Carl Goldstein and Megan Elizabeth Goldstein, tract 4 plat 25/394, $161,565.50

• Darrell Keith Baker, Sherry L. Baker and Daniel K. Baker to Jennifer D. Wait and Brandon Stuart Wait, tract Madison County, $175,000


April 28

• Barbara Davis to Austin Reynolds, lot 6 Double D Meadows Subdivision, $183,000

• Clint Taylor Construction, LLC to Britney Jane Bell and Robert S. Bell, lot 45 Ashpark Subdivision, $245,000

• Double D Meadows, LC to Austin Ray Daniel, lot 67 Dove’s Landing Phase 1, $187,400

• Thomas Enricco and Caitlin Enricco to Dennis Woods and Theresa Woods, lot 90 Mockingbird Hills Subdivision, Phase 3, $271,000

• Stephen Jacob Whitaker and Lillian Paige Whitaker to Chelsea Kemp and David Hudson Kemp, lot 56, Block 3, Section 2, Suncrest Meadows Subdivision, $259,900

• Aaron Sciascia and Traci Sciascia to Todd Blevins and Morgan Blevins, lot 28, Block 7 Richwood Subdivision, $234,500

• Lavaughn Stamper and Delores Jean Stamper to Aaron Lavaughn Stamper and Kelli Lane Robinson, tracts Madison County, for and in consideration of $1.00

• New Idea Construction and Homes, LLC and Short Carpentry and Construction, Inc. to Joseph Paushel and Ethan McNeil, 620 and 621 McKala Lane, for and in consideration of an agreement between parties, and the further consideration that the parties of the second part agree to pay the current and all subsequent ad valorem property tax bills

• Joseph Paushel and Ethan McNeil to Kimberly Harvel, Danny Harvel and Martha Harvel, lot 63 Orchard Hills Subdivision$217,000


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