Property Transfers Berea

Aug. 27

• Dennis and Sharon Engle to Timothy and Jamie Pinson, Lot 8 Bates Subdivision, $9,500

• James and Ashley Ratcliff to Joseph and Catherine Lerza, Lot 96 quail West Subdivision$379,900

• Roy Todd Builders Inc. to Jordan and Latosha Tibbs, Lot 14 Roaring Creek Estates, $244,000

• Michael and Debra Cole to Roy Walling, Lot 4 Plat 15/211, $277,000

• Clyde and Jennifer Trent to Nicholas and Jannelle Shannon, Lot 23 Hidden Hills Subdivision, $212,000

• Bob Hager-Builder Inc. to Green Rental LLC, Lot 27 Stoney Creek Subdivision, $140,000

• Amy and Jack Abshire II to Kerry and Dave Fosburgh, Lot 182 Hampton Ridge Subdivision, $300,000

• Adam McIntosh to Alyssa McIntosh, Lot 8 Plat 20/172, $215,000

• Rafael and Renee Cairo to Dale and Amy Young, Tract One Plat 16/77, $269,000

• Apex Homes LLC to Kurtis and Courtney Malear, Lot 200 Heritage Place Subdivision, $205,000

• William and Anne Ramsay to Edd and Rebekah Easton-Hogg, Lots Holly Hills Addition, $249,000

• Ashley and Justin Padgett to Allen Richards and David Addison, Lot 59 Hill Top Acres Subdivision, $205,000

• Allen and Jessica Richards to Myeshia Floyd, Lots 129-130 Meadow View Subdivision, $157,000

• The Banyans LLC to Rebekah and Adam Roberts, Lot 7 Banyans, $245,000

• Adam and Rebekah Roberts to Eric and Toni Wells, Lot 50 Bush Bottom Estates, $172,000

• Brenda Louder to Ashley and Justin Padgett, Lot 227 Burnells Homestead Estates, $252,000

Aug. 28

• Luke and Kaelyn Prince to Karlton Allex, Lot 16 Briar Wood Estates, $166,000

• Ronald Alexander Jr. to Kim Love Wilson Realty LLC, Lots 35-40 Fairview Subdivision, $52,000

• Bluegrass Property Rentals LLC to Robertson Properties LLC, Lots Markwood Subdivision, $10,000

• Nellie and Barry Goodin to Thomas and Melissa Skinner and John Alexander, Tract Plat 29/117, $100,000

• Michael and Alexis Carlson to William and Kailei Payton, Lot 5 College Park Subdivision, $205,000

• Richard and Cassandra Smith to Chastity and Justin Conley, Lot 49 Twin Lakes Subdivision, $325,000

• Jason and Jami Thomas to Catherine and John Laidlaw III, Lot 51 Creekside Village, $199,000

• Rex and Rebekah Stewart and Malinda Stewart to Patricia Thompson, Unit 23 Arcadian Condominiums, $105,900

• Daisy and Henry Sneed Jr. to Cody Krueger and Sadie Norris, Lot 125 Hampton Ridge Subdivision, $198,000

• KJC Properties LLC to Ramona Branch, Lot 44 Stoney Creek Subdivision, $182,500

• RCT Construction Inc. to Kendal and Joshua Cobb, Lot 61 Doves Landing, $195,000

• The Estate of Donald Arthur (Teresa Vanwinkle, Executrix) to Teresa Vanwinkle, Tract Old Brassfield Road, heirs and assigns

• Verda and Stanley Wylie Jr. to SL WylieSr LLC, Tracts Madison County, assigns forever

• St. Andrews Place Retirement Community Inc. to Kelly Brumfield and Louise Althauser (trustees of the James and Carolyn Wyrick Irrevocable Trust), Unit 5E St. Andrews Place Condominiums, $160,000

• Victory Lane Development Inc. to Jeffrey Hyer, Lot 4 Seven Oaks Subdivision, $278,100

Aug. 31

• Cora Fletcher to Ewell Hembree and Judy Shell, Lot 85 Suncrest Meadows Subdivison, $195,000

• New Idea Construction & Homes LLC to Napier Building & Contracting LLC, Lot 29 Orchard Hills Subdivison, $32,000

• Eric and Cortnie Davidson to Matthew and Erika Thompson, Tract 5 Plat 10/66, $420,000

• Evan Ratliff and Andrea Collins-Ratliff to Matthew and Brittany Goosey, Lot 92 South Bluegrass Junction, $169,500

• Sandra and Billy Bowling Jr. to Katherine Whitaker Hamilton, Lot 7 Spring Lake Addition, $145,000

• Paul Ross to Abagail Hensley, Lots Rosedale Subdivision, $95,000

• Jana Kersey to Windsor Creek Property LLC, Tract Plat 4/8, $37,000

• Richard Scarlavai and Mary Blair to Buddy and Bryen Goble, Lot 108 Waterford Place, $270,000

• Todd Builders LLC to Michael and Brittany Carpenter, Lot5 Serenity Acres Subdivision, $300,000

• Betty Brock to Billy and Judy Walters, Tract Old Highway 52, $58,000

• Lexington City Church Inc. to Herbert Bailey, Tract 2-A Plat 28/101, $35,100

• Janie Richardson and Paris Randall Charles to Harold and Scarlett Charles, Tract Plat 8/164, with love and affection

• Christopher and Michele Ralston to CMH Homes Inc., Tract 2 Plat 28/315, $90,000

• New Idea Construction & Homes LLC to Jason and Lindsey Paulson, Lot 2 Orchard Hills Subdivision, $20,000

• Joyce and James Hazelwood to David and Barbara Raber, Tract P29/89, in fee simple

• Karen Rudick to Timothy and Beverly Walden, Lot 152R Boones Trace, $412,500

• Charles and Traci Wesley to Margaret Pride, Lot 8 P2/341, $170,000

• Chenault Interests LTD to Myron and Mary Rader, Tract 4 Plat 6/374 and Plat 7/42, $95,000

Sept. 1

• Michael Simpson to Brandon and Nikki Stewart, Lot 105 Rolling Hills, $166,000

• Charles and Delphia Farthing to Joshua and Stephanie Reginek, Lot 15 Greenbrier Subdivision, $68,000

• Roger and Marsha Keck to Clay and Shannah Banion, Lot 56 Idylwild Subdivison, $225,000

• Mark Turmon to Patrick and Rebecca Sparks, Lot 5 Lower South Pointe, $184,900

• Amber Wileman to Harlan and Carmela White, Lot 143 Lower South Pointe, $182,000

• David and Nikki Bowling to Elizabeth Tsamas and Christopher Nolan, Lot 26 Double D Meadows, $215,000

• BP Rental Homes LLC to Joudeh Renovations LLC, Lot 69 Persimmon Trace, $192,000

• Sune and Barbara Frederiksen to Andrew and Verlaine McDonald, Tract 1A-2 Plat 29/139, $52,380

• Randall and Janaina Alexander to Leah Miller, Lot 2 Burch Wood Subdivision, $155,000

• Donald Combs to JJW Dev LLC, Lots Plat 29/130, $350,000

• J. Flynn Inc and SJO Investments LLC to William and Jessica Furner, Lot 187 Heritage Place Subdivison, $221,000

• Gregory Evans and Nancy Evans Revocable Trust, Ronnie Evans, and Ruth Evans to Cody and Jaima Johnson, Lot 19 Creekside Villages, $163,900

• Arthur and Cathey Pugh to Jackie and Elizabeth Potter, Lot 78 Crossings Subdivison, $239,000

• MA Conley Construction to Clint Pinion Jr. Lot 111 Heritage Place Subdivision, $256,150

• Brenda and James Lambert to the City of Berea, Kentucky, Tract 2 Plat 29/53, $60,000

• Meridian Partners LLC (successor by merger with 876 Development LLC) to The Renovation Group LLC, Lot 140 Heritage Place Subdivision, $34,000

• Stewart Enterprise Inc. to Chester Powell, Lot 1 Berea Plaza Subdivision, in fee simple

• Shawna and David Haney and Carrie Morton to Donald and Tonia Pierce, Lot 22 Shady Hills Estate, $15,00

Sept 2

• Jennifer Burnette to Raymond Ross, Lot 13 Concords Subdivison, $221,000

• J&F Grant LLC to Lindsey Hannan and Kenneth Catron III, Lot 10 Ashpark Subdivision, $210,000

• Josh and Kenal Cobb to Christopher Leet, Tract Madison County, $159,900

• Subhash Ratna to Brian and Dana Bertrand, Lot 56 Oaks Subdivison, $194,000

• Robyn Grider and Cody Williams to Christopher Hines and Kelly Winshurst, Lot 13 Arlington View Addition, $174,900

• Carrol and Eileen Perkins to Paul and Emily Rhodus, Tracts Madison County, $92,000

• Donald Haney to Bruce Cope Builders Inc., Lot 137 Boones Trace Subdivision, $50,000

• John and Melissa Sipple to Amie Osborne, Tract Plat 24/179, $144,500

• OLDE CKEA P.S.C. to E.T. Properties Inc., Tract Plat 7/16, $425,000

• Emma Noland (trustee of the Sue Noland Trust) and Jane Noland, to Danny Noland and Diane Owens, Lot 2 Plat 29/49, in fee simple

• Tammy and Devin Whitehead to Amy and Benjamin Conrad, Lot 119 Oaks Subdivision, $289,000

• Rose and Caldwell Investments LLC to Vicheata Group Properties LLC, Stephanie Ke, and Alexander Ke, Lot 137 Hidden Hills Subdivision, $29,167

• Rose and Caldwell Investments LLC to Vicheata Group Properties LLC, Stephanie Ke, and Alexander Ke, Lot 106 Hidden Hills Subdivision, $14,167

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