Madison County Property Transfers:  May 20 - 21, 2021

May 20

• Donald Lawson to Jonathan Doth, tract Madison County, $133,000

• Robert Ripley and Jan Ripley to NextBlue Group, LLC, lot A plat 1/87

• Wilma Catherine Martin, by Amy M. Reeves, as Attorney – In –Fact pursuant to Power of Attorney to Ryan David Spurlock and Claire William Wilburn, lot 119 Miller’s Landing Subdivision (124 Teakwood Drive), $211,000

• The Estate of Wesley N. Rose, by and through Jerry Rose, Executor, to Jerry Rose and Jesse Rose, tracts 11, 12, 13 and 14 of the George Reeves Farm, in consideration of completing an exchange of property

• Maxmillian Shaughnessy and Carly Jo Shaughnessy by and through her Attorney-In-Fact, Maxmillian Shaughnessy to Ronald Lee Duerr and Victoria Duerr, lot 13 Bear’s Den (208 Lewis Drive), $230,000

• Juanita R. Lunsford to Donald Ray Lunsford and Debbie Lynn Lunsford, lots 31 and 32 Blue Grass Acres Subdivision, for and in consideration of $1.00 and the love and affection between parent and child

• Juanita R. Lunsford to Michael Ray Lunsford and Juanita R. Lunsford, tract Evansdale Avenue, for and in consideration of $1.00 and the love and affection between grandparent and grandchild

DRN Properties, LLC to Benjamin Pack Nutter and Janelle Marie Nutter, lot 60 Phase 1 of the Hampton Ridge Subdivision (333 Wisteria Court), $190,000

• Dominic J. Abney to Amanda Leighann Stratton and Harvey Stratton, lot 15 Arlington View Addition, $170,000

• Jennifer Hardy, as Executrix of the Estate of Robert W. Witt to Michael Warren Austin and Dawn Ann Austin, tract Madison County, $225,000

May 21

• Roger B. White to Martin Lane Brown and Karen Gayle Brown, tract Maple Grove Road, $239,000

• Debra J. Singer to Diversified Investments, LLC, tract Third Street Lane, $47,500

• Sandra Frances Embree, Freddie Embree,  Christopher Lee Green, Betty Jane Anglin, Delmar Anglin, Sarah Lynn Poff, Stephen Green, Alana Green, Patricia Gayle Green Willoughby (a/k/a Patricia Gayle Riley), Leona Faye Reams (a/k/a Leona Faye Causey) and Carla Nicole Green to Joshua Anglin, tracts Madison County, $29,000

• Trulane Hislope, by her Attorney-In-Fact James Hislope, III to TJW Enterprise, Inc., lot 70 Block ! Richwood Subdivision (564 Leaverton Place), $179,900

• Christopher L. Pennington to John S. Harrison and Eugenia K. Harrison, lot 10 Dublin Court Subdivision, $365,000

• Beverley J. Land to St. Andrews Place Retirement Community, Inc., Unit 1A of Saint Andrews Place Condominiums (200 Brigadoon Drive Unit 1A), $126,000

• Katie Gross to Payton L. King, lot 30 Section 1 White Hall Manor, $24,000

• Lucila Steinberger and Leonard Steinberger to Steven Coty Childress and Courtney Robbins Childress, lot 10, unit 1, phase 1 of The Summit, $370,000

• KJC Properties, LLC to Scott Andrew McCool-Solis and Cassity June McCool-Solis, lot 54 Stoney Run Subdivision, Unit 2, Block 1, Phase 1, $199,750

• Gunner Clontz to House to Home by LULU, LLC, lot Rosemont Subdivision, $45,500

• Mary F. Harris to Heather Burton, tract 1 P29/312, for and in consideration of the love and affection, which a grandparent has for a grandchild

• Anita Fernander and Jessie Heard to Mark Gray and Jennifer Gray, tract 3A P29/313, $20,450

• Robert Skaggs and Amber Skaggs to Jacob Francisco,  lot 48 Lower South Pointe Phase 1, $200,000

• Short Carpentry and Construction, Inc. to Snapp Construction, LLC, lot 165 Heritage Subdivision, Phase VII (260 Meridian Way), $38,000

• Dallas Gabbard to Randy Gabbard, lot 56 Indian Hills Subdivision, the grantor, for no monetary consideration, but rather as a gift from a parent to a child

• Tiffany Drake to Samuel J. Johnson II and Samantha J Johnson, lot numbers 129, 130, and 131 of the Battlefield Subdivision Number 1 on Oliver Drive, $190,000

• Joeann Carpenter to Martha Patricia Jennings, tract 1 plat 9/211 (661 Highway 1016), $369,000

• Double D.’s Ice Cream Distribution, Inc. to MKVN Holdings, LLC lot 3 Windcrest Subdivision (320 Anna Hume Boulevard), $135, 000

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