Reagan Taylor

Madison County Judge Executive Reagan Taylor

The Madison County Fiscal Court will add 10 new dump trucks to its fleet of vehicles next year.

The magistrates approved first reading of the 2019-20 budget that will include the purchase of the new fleet, which will cost $1,228,000 and added into the county road fund. The dump trucks, which will costs approximately $120,000 each, will be paid for by bond proceeds.

“That’s actually bringing in the proceeds from the bond sales in and then paying the vendor for the trucks,” Madison County Treasurer Glenna Baker said. “We budgeted for the payments for the bonds to be made out of the LGA fund.”

Madison County Judge Executive Reagan Taylor liked the idea of adding new vehicles to the county’s dump truck fleet, which hasn’t been upgraded since 2006.

“(It’s) good use of that money for the next 10 years to help our dump truck fleet,” he said. “Our newest truck is a 2006, which is 13 years old. I think we only have a couple of those.”

The court also accepted a bid from Magic Salt of Kentuckiana, based in Louisville for $96 per ton, breaking away from KACO and Detroit Salt, the current provider.

“I wasn’t pleased last year with the numbers and I wasn’t pleased with the process this year,” Madison County Road Department administrator Scott Shepherd said. “… there was a new catch to the salt option. We had to guarantee to buy 70 percent of whatever ton (of salt) we were going to purchase. As you know, it may not snow. If it doesn’t snow, how do we buy 70 percent of the number?”

Shepherd pursued the minimum amount of 1,500 tons and added the county uses an average of 3,000 tons per year. He decided to pursue private bids and received the best price for a non-guarantee price from Magic Salt up to 2,000 tons.

“The reason the price has gone up so much is because counties would buy 6 to 8,000 tons and only buy 1500 tons, causing an excess of salt. I explained to KACO that’s not our problem. We’re in the business to make sure we save the most for the county and we shouldn’t be penalized for a supplier having to carry overstock.”

Shepherd said the county hasn’t used the Magic Salt as a vendor in the past, but doesn’t foresee any issues.

In other business:

• Approved second reading of an ordinance amending the jail budget for $195,175 and went into effect Tuesday.

• Entered into a memorandum of agreement with Garrard County emergency services, Baptist Health of Richmond and CSEPP.

• Hired Andrew Crowder and Zachary Collins as season grounds crew members at Battlefield Golf Course for $8.50 per hour.

• Took no action on a personnel issue after going into executive session for approximately 30 minutes.

• Heard from Emerson McAfee, who announced that he, along with Chester Elkin will be inducted into the Kentucky Veterans Hall of Fame.

• County treasurer Glenna Baker was sworn in for a term in her current position.

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