Bruce Fraley

Berea Mayor Bruce Fraley will select a new city administrator to replace Randy Stone, who will retire Oct. 1. (Keith Taylor photo)

The City of Berea is moving quickly in its search for a new city administrator.

Longtime City Administrator Randy Stone announced his retirement at the last City Council meeting on April 16. His retirement is effective Oct. 1. Stone has served in the same capacity for 22 years and has helped steer the city into solid financial condition.

Berea Mayor Bruce Fraley said the process is moving full speed ahead. Fraley added he has already had “several people” inquire about the position. Applicants are being accepted through May 15 at 4 p.m. and applicants can apply online or pick up a form at Berea City Hall, located at 212 Chestnut Street, Room 110.

“We announced the job last week and we’re holding the job open for three weeks to try and reach as many potential applicants as possible,” he said. “I insist on this position being open to all and a competitive process. I’m hopeful that we will have a good number of candidates that will apply.”

According to the job description posted online, the position, “operates under executive direction, assists the executive authority in planning, organizing, developing, staffing, coordinating and evaluating all activities and functions of the city.”

“I’m looking for someone obviously with leadership experience and a strong leader,” Fraley said. “(And) someone with supervisory experience both as a first level and second level supervisor is what I would prefer, because the city administrator supervises all of the department heads and as a second level supervisor.”

The city administrator also “performs related work as required” and provides leadership and possesses “strong interpersonal skills and a lot of patience” because the city administrator “must absolutely take time to work with city council members, the mayor and department heads on a one-on-one, individual basis.”

“The city administrator also has to carry a key leadership role for the entire city staff, as well as being a very analytical in their thinking and able to see both sides of issues, where they can provide proper advice to me or council members,” Fraley said. “I will be looking for someone I can have a strong working relationship with and prefer someone who has experience in government, although that is not an excluding factor. I think it would be something that would work to the advantage of any applicant.”

Minimum qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, “supplemented by five years of administrative experience, preferably in a government organization” and a minimum of “one year supervisory experience, financial management and budgeting.”

The job description also noted “work experience may be substituted for educational requirement on a year-for-year basis up to a “maximum of four years.”

Fraley said “the buck stops with me” and will make the final decision on the hiring, subject to approval of the City Council.

“I can’t overstate the importance of this particular position, as we continue to move the city forward,” he said. “We are looking for someone who is capable of managing multiple priorities. The job is very, very broad.

“I will be looking for someone who is able to manage multiple, competing priorities.”

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