Love Monster 1

Kingston Kindergartener Jaycee Jenkins shows off her “Love Monster” creatures that were made from their drawings.


You could almost feel the excitement in the air when students from Madison Southern High School arrived at Kingston Elementary recently.

A few weeks earlier, the kindergarten students created their own monsters after reading Rachel Bright’s book, “Love Monster.”

The story was about a monster that did not look cute and fluffy like everyone else and was looking for a friend.

With crayons and creativity, the kindergarten students drew the Love Monster new friends — 88 of them. What they did not realize was that their new monster friends were going to become real 3D friends for them. Madison Southern students in Emily Alexander’s class and some Eastern Kentucky University students quickly went to work creating the drawings into stuffed 3D friends.

On March 11 students from Alexander’s class surprised them with a stuffed version of what they had created. The students in Mrs. Newman’s class sent cupcakes that resembled monsters.

Kindergartner Sawyer Bowling loved the buttons that were added to the ears on his monster from the drawing.

“It looks just like it,” he said.  

Students in Alexander’s class also enjoyed the experience.  

“I loved the monster project so much,” Madison Southern student Aeriana Isaacs said. “The smiles on the kids faces says it all.”

The students were leery of the sewing element of the project, but with the help of EKU’s Phi Upsilon Omicron group, each learned the steps and created monsters that the kindergartners were thrilled to receive.  

“I thought it was an awesome thing to do for the children, I really think they enjoyed it and so did we. It also helped a lot of us learn to do things we probably wouldn’t have learned to other wise,” student Gwen Schneider said.

At the end of the day, the smiles and joy were contagious. The students were happy to receive a new friend.

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