Skate Park Vandals

Because of increased patrols, especially on bicycles and the juvenile curfew ordinance, acts of vandalism have decreased within the city and the Berea Police Department is working on leads regarding an act of vandalism at the Berea City Park recently.

Gregory said the Berea Police Department has been in contact with Madison County Schools and Berea Independent Schools to “try to identify subjects that vandalized our park recently.” Gregory said the acts of vandalism occurred more than a week ago.

“We’ve got some good leads on who these individuals are and we’ve got those things under investigation,” Berea Police Chief David Gregory said. “It was one of those things we came upon Monday morning while we were patrolling; we see someone had vandalized our new skate park area.”

Gregory said his department has had sucess patrolling the parks and other public areas within the city.

“This summer we’ve had, really really good success patrolling (the city), with our bicycles and patrolling,” Gregory said.

“We haven’t had significant (acts of) vandalism. You will have occasional fences and things like that.”

Gregory said the juvenile curfew ordinance has helped when it comes to late-night incidences by minors.

“We aren’t really seeing any juveniles out at night,” he said.

“It has gotten much, much better.”

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