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My coon hunting buddy Barry Bishop passed along a story the other day about a long line of people who had gathered early one morning outside a grocery store waiting for it open.

Gary Moyers wasn’t my first managing editor, but he was the first one who believed in me enough to let me handle my own sports department when I began my journalism career. That meant the world at the time.

Rallies are supposed to be peaceful and you may or may not disagree with the form of protest. That’s one of the rights given to us by our forefathers.

When Teresa Scenters messaged me on Facebook while I was on spring break two years ago, I thought maybe she was kidding about becoming news editor for the Berea Citizen.


Even though the date of my retirement has been in place for months, now that the time has actually arrived, it’s not quite as joyous as I thought it would be.   Covid-19 and all the shut downs and social distancing recommendations have completely squelched my excitement.